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While I have always had the impossible lust to visit every destination in the world, there are a few places that will linger in my mind just a tad longer than the others. Lifestyle, traditional customs and folklore have always fascinated me. Yet when it comes to exotic destinations like Africa, the huge number of options and unfamiliar locations tossed in a little bit mystery for worthy measure. The many regions of Africa attract many adventure seekers from around the globe simply because each presents a unique experience.


The Magic of Africa

From the desert to the awe-inspiring green landscapes, I had an incredible experience of the magic of Africa. Morocco, with its mosaic of Arab, Berber, African and European influence, Eastern Coast Kenya with its vast savannahs and African cultural feasts and Zambia, with notable once-in-a-lifetime experiences and scenic wonders.


Camel Trekking in the Sahara

One of my main reasons for traveling to Morocco, and camel trekking into Marrakech, was so that I could visit the mystical Sahara Desert.


I embarked on a four-day, three-night Erg Echabbi camel trek and fortunately for me there were plenty of fascinating stops to make along the way. Each of these stops gave me a deep insight into the incredible history and culture of Morocco. Few of the highlights of the trip was the time spent in Fes, known as one of Morocco’s oldest and most exciting cities and Berber Villages, the high Atlas Mountains, the view at sunrise and sunset and last but not least, the Milky Way over the sand dunes not to be missed!

“The Sahara Desert odyssey has been the highlight of my entire life and has ignited my new-found obsession for deserts”

To capture the beauty of the Sahara Desert, I would recommend bringing along a telephoto lens, especially for sunrise and remember to always prepare big plastic bags to cover your camera and lens to avoid the sand dunes from getting into it. The Sahara Desert odyssey has been the highlight of my entire life and has ignited my new-found obsession for deserts.


Going Tribal

When I decided to travel to Africa, visiting an African tribe was one of the things I really wanted to do as well. Kenya, a country that beckons with its wondrous sights, tribal cultures and natural wonders in abundance is some delights waiting to be discovered.


Visiting the Maasai tribe, amongst the most renowned ethnic groups that still keep true to their ancient customs was a life humbling event for me. Throughout my stay and interaction with the tribe, I could really feel their sincerity and appreciate the contentment even in such scarcity.

My recommendation during your stay is to give yourself the chance to be part of the tribe, as I believe that it is one of the best ways to stay inspired. It gives you the inspiration to capture the true essence of the Maasai tribe in your photography. The tribe’s customary red clothing and robes also make for amazing contrast and vibrancy in your photos.

The Maasai showed me the meaning of contentment and satisfaction – Simplicity to life leads to a greater contentment you will lived.


“The Maasai showed me the meaning of contentment and satisfaction”


The Smoke that Thunders

The thrilling, natural border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls in Southern Africa is the place I chose as my final destination of my African trip. Livingstone was the capital of Zambia, to the north of the Zambezi River is a tourism point for the Victoria Falls and it was named after David Livingstone, the British explorer who was the first European to explore the area.


Known locally as Mosi-oa-Tunya or The Smoke That Thunders, Victoria Falls is a sight to behold – truly awe-inspiring! What is so extraordinary about this place? Everything from the roaring sound across the cliffs, the strong current that even avid adventurers will think twice to jump in and generally, the friendly people of Zambia.

Aside from just exploring and breathing in this massive natural wonder, risk-takers can opt to visit the naturally formed Devil’s Pool – home to the most dangerous pool in the world. It’s really fascinating to see the falls like this size with my own eyes, which was first seen by the European explorer and who named the falls.


Finding Your Soul

What makes a beautiful soul? Well for the Africans, it is dignity, spirit and indefinitely, the charming smiles on their faces. For me, I almost cannot imagine that I have actually set foot in Africa. It blew my mind and the infinite diversity of Africa left me wanting more, during my expedition from north to the east and south regions.



Images: All photographs by Zung, the Ninja Photographer


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