Travel insurance

All trips should be protected by an appropriate travel insurance policy. Not only does it give you peace of mind, it will come in very handy should unforeseen incidents crop up — and they do! You hope it doesn’t happen, but you have to prepared that they could. For those travelling to take part in special activities, some travel insurance policies may cater better for your needs than others. Here we explore the options.

First, some things to look out for.

Do You Need Coverage for Specific Kind of Travel?

For the average holidaymaker whose purpose is to sightsee and relax, a generic travel insurance policy will cover almost all that could possibly happen. However, if your trip is a little more special, such as going on an adventure in the jungles, backpacking around the world, taking part in extreme sports or going on the Hajj pilgrimage, you’ll need to consider something more specific.

Are Electronics Covered?

Also, if you’re bringing along your digital equipment, you may need an insurance policy that covers the expense of repairing or replacing the equipment if it’s damaged or stolen.

Not every insurance policy will cover all situations and the unexpected costs you may incur during your trip, so it’s important to assess your travel situation – where you’re going, what you’ll be doing and what you’re bringing – in order to select the right policy.

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Insurance for the Adventurous

Many activities involving a little bit of adventure may be considered high risk, such as snow sports, water sports and cycling. While general travel insurance doesn’t cover such activities, there are insurance providers that will do so at a premium. It’s therefore important to take out a policy that is designed for your big adventure.

World Nomads offers a policy covering over 200 adventure activities, and is considered the most comprehensive adventure travel insurance policy available. Whether you are bungee jumping, skiing, snowboarding, wind surfing, abseiling, hiking, glacier climbing or mountain biking, as long as you are not participating in the activity as a competition, you are covered  for the duration of your trip.

Insurance for the Urban Traveller

As an urban traveller, if you are wanting to bring along all your gadgets, which may be at risk of being lost, stolen or damaged during your trip, check out World Nomads’ policy covering theft or accidental damage to iPads, cameras and laptops. Photography enthusiasts with extremely expensive cameras – take heed! 

Another option to consider is AmTrust Mobile Solutions’ gadget-only travel insurance, which provides worldwide coverage for theft, accidental damage, liquid damage and extended warranty of your gadgets, as well as data protection and SIM replacement, up to 60 days.

Insurance for Road Trips / Driving

Road trips are always fun, but there are often complexities with hiring a car, and accident excesses charged by car rental companies can be hefty. For those looking to go on a driving holiday, it’s important to look into a travel insurance policy that covers unexpected costs associated with rental cars.

A good option to look at is HSBC TravelSafe travel insurance, which provides cover for additional costs for rental cars of up to RM1000 with a RM50 excess.

Insurance for Golfing Holidays

We love a good game of golf, and many of us take our golf equipment and travel around the world in search of the perfect putt. Like all other holidays, there are risks of theft and damage to golf equipment so do remember to look for a policy that includes specific protection for the sport.\

Insurance company AIG has the perfect travel insurance policy for golfers. The Golf Insurance Rider option on a travel insurance policy will extend the standard travel insurance coverage to include loss or damage to your golfing equipment and hole-in-one expenses. The coverage is worldwide except for North America.

Insurance for Pilgrimage

To set your mind at ease when travelling to Mecca for such an important occasion as Hajj/Umrah, it’s worthwhile looking at travel insurance policies specifically designed for pilgrims.

Taking a takaful is the best option, and Hong Leong MSIG Takaful’s Takaful Travel PA for Hajj & Umrah is designed to cover pilgrims for emergency medical assistance, as well as provide monetary compensation to dependents on the pilgrim’s accidental death.

Insurance for Domestic Travel in Malaysia

Just because you’re travelling in your own country doesn’t mean travel insurance isn’t necessary. Delays, loss of luggage and accidents can happen even when travelling locally, and domestic travel insurance will ensure that when unexpected things happen, you aren’t left on your own to deal with them.

ACE Travel Insurance offers a good domestic travel insurance product to suit those who want to experience other parts of Malaysia (50km from your home), and covers accidental medical costs, travel delays and cancellations, a number of lifestyle benefits, medical evacuation and repatriation, and more.

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For a fuss-free solution to give you peace of mind on your average trip, you can easily purchase your coverage on Book your flights, hotels and insurance all in one place. For the Malaysian traveller, Travel Insurance by Tune is available on Expedia and great for your usual holidays.

Travel Insurance by Tune is a comprehensive insurance plan designed specifically for the needs of an Individual and a Family who will be travelling domestically or internationally. The major benefits provided are medical related benefits, personal accident benefits, travel inconvenience benefits and 24/7 Worldwide Travel Assistance. Find out more here.


Travel insurance policies are as varied as travel trips. Just because a particular policy is suitable for one traveller doesn’t mean it’ll be suitable for another. Remember, prior to travel, take some time to determine the needs of your trip and assess which travel insurance policy is right for it.