You’ve gotta make the most of the long weekends on the horizon, and travel as much as you can. Download and print our 2016 Malaysia Calendar, marked with the Malaysia public holidays for the year. With all these national holidays falling on or near the weekend, you have the perfect chance to take several short getaways throughout the year without using up much of your annual leave. Book cheap weekend trips in Langkawi and Penang, or plan ahead for a holiday in Singapore, Thailand or Sydney.

We’ve got 2 different views to make it easy to look into the 2016 horizon of holidays. With the full-year view, you can also see Malaysia school holiday 2016 dates and plan some fun holidays with the kids.

Click the links below to download the print-friendly Expedia Malaysia Public Holiday 2016 Calendars in full resolution. Put them up at home or in the office so you can always look forward to the next opportunity for a weekend getaway!

Expedia Malaysia Calendar with 2016 Public Holidays - Weeks

Click to Download Calendar, Malaysia Public Holidays 2016  – Weekend View



Click to Download Malaysia 2016 Calendar – Whole Year View