With the Chinese Lunar New Year around the corner, we wanted to know where the mystical energies are pointing travellers this year. Unfortunately, we didn’t get get anywhere with our own rain dance and attempts around the glowing campfire to communicate with the gods. Tired of looking like fools, we decided to leave it to the masters. We consulted with a Fengshui master to predict auspicious travel destinations in 2017 that each of the Chinese horoscope zodiac signs should go this year. Master Seldan Lim, a metaphysical fengshui management coach and frequent keynote speaker, enlightened us with readings of where to go in 2017. 

So rub your hands as we unveil which direction Chinese astrology is pointing you for good fengshui and luck on your holidays in 2017. From roosters to dragons, here’s some inspiration to plan your travels with luck on your side.

Chinese Horoscope Zodiac Travel Guide 2017

Rat |  Ox | Tiger | Rabbit | Dragon | SnakeHorse | GoatMonkey | Rooster | Dog | Pig



Your inclination to scurry about in busy environments will draw you to be surrounded by lots of people even on your holidays. This year, rats should kick back to the scenic beaches of Bintan in the day and party in the sand when the sun falls.

If you have the luxury of time, meet and mingle with other travelers as you island-hop the the amazing culturally-rich Caribbean Islands. Put your rat versatility to the test among melting pot of African and European cultures and languages. 

More of a city person perhaps? You might find Toronto’s frenetic vibe surprisingly peaceful and comforting.


Zodiac Travel Buddies: Cow, Dragon or Monkey

Doctors-Cave-Beach-Caribbean  Take me to the Carribean!toronto-canada  Take me to Toronto!

Banyan Tree Bintan beach romantic  Take me to Bintan!

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Your industrious nature and steady demeanour leads you to visit Las Vegas or Brazil. Good fengshui also awaits by volunteering in Myanmar where you can help while having a taste of the local Burmese culture.

Brazil is home to affectionate people, impressive scenery, beautiful beaches. ‘Hips don’t lie’ probably doesn’t apply where, where samba music and Brazilian beats makes people move their hips in a way that will bewitch you. Brazil is also home to the largest rainforest on earth. Definitely a country you would want to explore at length, given your determined mindset.

Myanmar, in contrast, is more conservative in their culture. There’s plenty of opportunities to volunteer while touring the country — widely known as ‘voluntourism’. Get close and personal with the locals, explore the streets of Myanmar’s humble culture and do some good in the meantime.


Zodiac Travel Buddies: Rat, Snake or Rooster

Las-Vegas-Nevada  Take me to Las Vegas!

Rio-De-Janeiro-barra-da-tijuca  Take me to Brazil!myanmar  Take me to Myanmar!


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Brave, unpredictable and self-confident. In 2017, those born in the year of the tiger should satisfy their thirst for adventure by hiking the Himalayas in Nepal. Or taking a leap into the crystal clear waters of Philippines—what’s called cliff diving or canyoneering.

Not that keen on the wild activities? Western Australia is another place you can quietly roar. Perth’s amazing climate offers a range of fun outdoor activities from horse riding to exploring its stunning national parks.


Zodiac Travel Buddies:  Horse or Dog

Boracay-philippines  Take me to Philippines! Kopan-Monastery-Nepal  Take me to Nepal! The-Basin-Perth  Take me to Perth!

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Never quite the mainstream traveler, you always manage to find the joy in the unexpected. Be mesmerised by towering castles in Quebec or let the magic of New Orleans take you by surprise.

Who knows? A quick recharge in Jakarta may also be all you need before hopping into your next endeavour!


Zodiac Travel Buddies: Goat, Dog or Pig

new-orleans-arts-district  Take me to New Orleans!

Quebec-City-Canada  Take me to Quebec! Jakarta-National-Monument  Take me to Jakarta!


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For the intelligent and ambitious dragons, see the world walk by as you marvel the spectacle at New York’s Times Square. There’s something about New York that sparks the creativity in you, whether it be through NYC’s art, history or entertainment. For a city that houses a million dreams, this is where you will thrive.

For the artistic dragons who appreciate the finer art of European architecture more, Italy will light the fire in your heart. Have a taste of the lesser known gems of Italy, like the colourful seaside town of Portovenere in Liguria, or Treviso in Veneto, Venice’s counterpart.


Zodiac Travel Buddies: Rat, Monkey or Rooster

Brooklyn-Bridge-NYC  Take me to New York!

liguria-italy  Take me to La Spezia!

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Being the lithe snake that you are, your flexible-style planning makes you the perfect visitor to explore the artistic streets of Vienna or the tropical island of Jeju in Korea. No country will daunt the intelligent, communicative you – you only have to ask to get.

For those born in the year of the Snake who crave a little more excitement, how about São Paulo? São Paulo is Brazil’s cultural as well as financial powerhouse, complete with a vibrant music scene, top designer shopping and delicious fusion cuisine to samba on your tastebuds.


Zodiac Travel Buddies: Cow or Rooster

Sao-Paulo-Brazil  Take me to Brazil!

Seongsan-Ilchulbong-Peak-jeju-island   Take me to Jeju Island! Belvedere-Vienna  Take me to Vienna!

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Horses are known to be active, energetic and adventurous. From its valleys to its coffee fields, Colombia will prove to be worth taking leave to explore to its fullest over a nice long holiday in 2017.

Looking for fast trotting action instead? Head to Korea and get your Kpop groove on. Japan also has plenty to keep your feet busy, from fast-paced Tokyo to the historical quarters of Kyoto where once-upon-a-time Samurais walked talk and women in kimonos were helping to build the unique culture that continues to fascinate.


Zodiac Travel Buddies: Tiger, Goat or Dog

Bogota-Colombia  Take me to Colombia! Roponggi-skydeck-japan  Take me to Japan!  Gyeongbok-Palace-South-Korea  Take me to Korea


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Goats appreciate good scenery stretching out far as the eye can see. If you’re looking for a sight to behold, cruise along the calm waters of Sydney for a majestic view of the Sydney Opera House, or visit Victoria Peak in Hong Kong and take in its breathtaking view.

If you’re into architecture and design, then journey to Glasgow and bask in the history of its arts and culture.


Zodiac Travel Buddies: Rabbit, Horse or Pig

Sydney-Opera-House  Take me to Sydney! Hong-Kong-Buddha  Take me to Hong Kong!  Greater-Glasgow-Suspension-Bridge  Take me to Glasgow

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What monkey business to get up to in 2017? Well Chinese astrology says monkeys should charm your way through the Maldives, where the life of luxury has you suspended in paradise. Just look at one of those over-water villas and you’ll be enchanted.

We know you can get restless, so get your adventure bone grooving at Vancouver, where you can paraglide, bungee jump or heli-ski your way through the great Vancouver plains.

Even if you’re planning for a short trip, there’s somewhere to get up to mischief. Hop on a plane to Bangkok, a city that offers no shortage of things to do!


Zodiac Travel Buddies: Rat or Dragon

Stanley-Park-Vancouver  Let’s go to Vancouver!Bangkok-Chao-Phraya  Let’s go to Bangkok!Maldives Beach Resort  Let’s go to the Maldives!

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It’s YOUR year, so you deserve to be rewarded for your hard work. Travel to Bali in 2017 to get your ohm on. Bali is great for play, meditation, relaxation and even adventure out on the waves.

Roosters may also be drawn this year to discover the unique Australian landscape with the famed Flinders Ranges and Murray River in Adelaide, all while enjoying the South Australian wine.

Better yet, put your resourcefulness to the test, with 10 of the unsolved mysteries of Tibet, the Roof of the World.


Zodiac Travel Buddies: Ox, Dragon or Snake

Bajra-Sandhi-Bali  Take me to Bali!Jacobs-Creek-Vineyards  Take me to Adelaide!

tibetCC by 2.0 / Göran Höglund (Kartläsarn)  

Take me to Tibet!

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Dogs are synonymous with loyalty, and so are you. Plan an extended roadtrip with your steadfast friends to Kenya, Mexico or New Zealand.

Whether you go on a safari tour in Kenya, explode your senses tasting Mexican food or drive down the picturesque plains of New Zealand, anywhere is fun as long as you’re with the people you can count on!


Zodiac Travel Buddies: Tiger, Rabbit or Horse

Morelia-Mexico  Take me to Mexico!Nairobi-Kenya  Take me to Tibet! New-Zealand-75140  Take me to New Zealand!

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Contrary to popular association, pigs aren’t lazy! In fact, they can be rather easygoing and generous. If you’re of the Pig zodiac sign, grab a couple of companions and head to Taiwan for a gastronomical feast. If you prefer a more laidback trip, the fengshui winds are blowing you to Phuket for a short and easy trip.

If you’re looking to go big this year, pack those bags for a visit to the attraction-rich UK.


Zodiac Travel Buddies: Rabbit or Goat

Yong-Kang-Street-Taiwan  Take me to Taiwan!Phuket-thailand  Take me to Phuket! Inverness-UK  Take me to UK!

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2017 looks set to be an exciting and adventurous year for all of us, with fengshui winds blowing us to some pretty exotic destinations. Start locking down those adventures. Do or do not, there is no try.