Exp_Hotel Etiquette Release Infographic_Split

Expedia recently conducted a survey to study the quirky behaviours and preferences of Malaysian hotel guests. The 2016 Hotel Etiquette Poll revealed some interesting insights on hotel guests and while we expected to discover some peculiar habits and incidences that happen during a hotel stay, we found that Malaysians are actually a treat to host.

79 percent of Malaysians have stayed in a hotel overnight in the last 12 months

Whether it’s for a vacation with loved ones, business or simply for a short staycation over the weekend to let loose from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a whopping majority of Malaysians said they have checked-into a hotel for an overnight stay in the last 12 months.

Of the Malaysians who booked their hotel stay online, the majority booked using their desktop or laptop. 14% used their Mobile App and 16% used Mobile Web on their smartphone or tablet.

Exp_Hotel Etiquette Release Infographic_Split

We love to be pampered

But then again, who doesn’t? When staying at a hotel, over 90 percent of Malaysians voted room service as a very important amenity in their chosen hotel. In fact, over 80% Malaysians deem room service as a necessity rather than a luxury.

Excuse me, what’s the Wi-Fi password?

Malaysians really love their Wi-Fi. Even while spending time with loved ones or simply just kicking back and enjoying some “me time”, Malaysians still feel the need to be connected to the outside world (and of course, to update the world on that latest flatlay photo on social media).

A resounding 99% of Malaysians voted that having Wi-Fi as an important must-have amenity at a hotel. A majority of Malaysians do expect a complimentary Wi-Fi in their hotel, however, should they need to, majority, at 36%, are not willing to pay for Wi-Fi more than USD$10 per day.

Exp_Hotel Etiquette Release Infographic_Split

Dream guests

Malaysians might expect a top-notch treatment when it comes to room service and complimentary Wi-Fi but they are also a treat to host, as majority never breaks the hotel rules. Only around 10% of respondents allowed multiple people sleep in their room without notifying the hotel or stated the hoarding of toiletries to take home, as some of their favorite holiday pastimes.

Similarly, only 3% admitted to having smoked in a non-smoking room, while a mere 1.1% checked in under a fake name or snuck in a pet without notifying the hotel.

Diam sikit, please?

Interestingly, the study revealed that over 57% of respondents stay in a hotel for leisure, but nothing annoys Malaysians more than the Hallway Hellraisers. A total of 64 percent voted that noisemakers outside of the hotel room as the most annoying and offensive type of hotel guests.

Here’s some other pet-peeves that Malaysian hotel guests are really not keen on:

  • The Inattentive Parent – the hotel guest who let their children misbehave.
  • The Complainers – the hotel guest who harass hotel staff over minor inconveniences.
  • The Loud Speaker – the hotel guest who speaks loudly on their mobile in the hotel common areas.
  • The Bar Boozer – the hotel guest who gets sloshed in the hotel bar.
  • The Hot Tub/Pool Canoodlers – amorous couples in the hotel hot tub or pool.

Exp_Hotel Etiquette Release Infographic_Split


Thank you for being such dreamy guests :)

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