unique hotels in Malaysia
As more and more people start to travel, we tend to look out for more interesting places that are special and rarely seen. This applies to hotels as well, and travelers are now on the lookout for the coolest, hippest, and most unique hotels to share on social media. From jungle abodes and water chalets to heritage buildings and luxurious villas, the search is endless. So on your next vacation, why not choose a stay that will make your experience that much more memorable?

Here are 12 unique hotels in Malaysia that would look awesome on your Instagram feed!

Unique Hotels in Malaysia

hotels-divider1) An Oasis in the Middle of the City – Villa Samadhi, Kuala Lumpur

Nestled in a tranquil oasis in the middle of the bustling metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur, Villa Samadhi will make you feel as if you’ve stepped into a secret paradise. The only of its kind in the city, this luxury boutique resort is the city’s best-kept secret.


The villa is built in a modern rustic style complete with wooden furniture, bamboo decorations, stone statues and lush greenery. This peaceful retreat is the perfect place for couples that want a romantic runaway together, or for travelers who want to explore the city, yet appreciate some quiet time with cocktails overlooking the pool.


2) A Restored Heritage Building – The Edison George Town, Penang

The city of Penang is filled with old heritage mansions turned boutique hotels, and the Edison Georgetown is one such building. Built in early 20th century as a residential mansion for a local Chinese tycoon, it survived World War II and from the 1950’s, housed the iconic and infamous Cathay Hotel.

The Anglo-Colonial mansion has since been renamed, renovated and restored to its former glory – shuttered windows, cast-iron beams, open-aired courtyards and all. Walking into the hotel is like taking a walk into the past.

The Edison George Town

The Edison George Town

The hotel provides all-inclusive services so that you can help yourself to their whole array of snacks, local desserts, coffee, tea and soft drinks any time of the day. However, if you’re looking to stuff yourself with some of the best local Penang street food, look no further as the hotel is situated in central Georgetown, where the most popular eats can be found.

3 – Lounge in Pool Villas Over the Straits of Malacca

Lexis Hibiscus, Port Dickson


Just a stone’s throw away from Malaysia’s bustling capital city of Kuala Lumpur is the beach town of Port Dickson, where the beautifully positioned villas of the Lexis Hibiscus make out the shape of a hibiscus over the waters of the Straits of Malacca. Each over-water villa in the resort is equipped with its own private dip pool and steam room, with some overlooking the wide-open sea.


The resort offers a comfortable atmosphere for a fun staycation for the entire family, and can also provide a romantic ambiance for couples. You’ll definitely be spoiled for choice when it comes to activities — you can choose if you prefer time with the kids at the playground, zooming around on a bicycle, or taking evening walks by the beach.

4) Chill out in a Refurbished Concrete Pipe – Tubotel Langkawi


The beautiful Malaysian island of Langkawi is a popular destination, with only a few unique hotels that stand out among its many accommodation choices. One of them is the Tubotel. The name of the hotel describes it perfectly – their rooms are made from tubes, or more specifically, drainage pipes. These small tubes can only fit a bed, and are lined up in a neat row overlooking the sea. The hotel also offers garden tubes and container bunk beds.


Tubotel is a simple, no-frills hotel for the budget-conscious traveler. It exudes a relaxing and laid-back vibe, and is the perfect vacation spot to rest, unwind and chill. Imagine waking up in the morning to the sound of the waves crashing onto the rocks outside your tube room and ending the day with the most gorgeous sunset. It really can’t get any more island-y than that!

5) Escape to A Hidden Forest Retreat – Malihom Private Estate


The beautiful Malihom Private Estate is a hidden jungle paradise on the island of Penang. It is the perfect place to getaway from the modern concrete jungle and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature. The resort is made up of a group of traditional Thai rice barns that have been converted into gorgeous private villas, whilst retaining their traditional beauty. You will be pampered with the resort’s luxurious facilities – some villas offer outdoor bathtubs and decks with bamboo hammocks.


Nothing beats waking up to the views of lush greenery and the sounds of the forest in the morning. And while you can spend the day whiling the day away in this jungle retreat, you can also choose to take a walk on the trails through the countryside, or soothe your troubles away with a relaxing massage.

6) Indulge in Industrial Chic Living – Container Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

8032971_76_z container-hotel-kl

In the middle of Kuala Lumpur’s Bukit Bintang area is a hotel built from renewable freight containers, and fittingly named the Container Hotel. The eco-friendly hotel has redesigned and redecorated each of these containers with colorful and modern features, which blends in with the vibrant vibe of the city center.

Container Hotel is an affordable, fun and unique experience for travelers looking for a one-of-a-kind stay while visiting Malaysia’s capital city. The other different room types offered at the hotel are the concrete pipe rooms and the campsite rooms.

7) Hot Springs Luxury – The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, Perak


There is no better way to relax than soaking in a hot spring surrounded by limestone cliffs and lush rainforest. This is one of the most alluring features of the Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in Malaysia’s northern state of Perak.

Nestled in a valley with natural geothermal hot springs, the resort offers the ultimate wellness facilities like dipping pool hot springs, an ice bath, a crystal cave, a thermal steam cave, a meditation cave, fish pool spas and guided jungle walks. This luxurious spa retreat is the perfect hideaway for a unique pampering experience.

8) English Country House on a Hill – The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands

lakehouse-cameron-highlands lakehouse-cameron-highlands2

Set amidst the lovely hills of Cameron Highlands, the Lakehouse is an old Tudor-style country house overlooking the Sultan Abu Bakar Lake. Built in the late 1960’s by a retired British Colonel, the boutique resort still retains its endearing old world charm.

Everything about the property pays tribute to its English heritage – wooden beams, four-poster beds, antique furniture and even a comfy fireplace. You can spend your afternoon savoring a cuppa English tea in the cooling outdoors, reminiscent of Malaysia’s British colonial past.

9) A Charming Peranakan House – Hotel Puri Melaka


Hotel Puri Melaka is located in Malaysia’s historical city of Melaka, housed in a historical 19th century Peranakan house within a row of buildings that once belonged to the Chinese millionaires during the city’s heyday. Known as the Millionaires’ Row back then, most of the ancestral homes on this street have been refurbished and restored to its former glory.

The hotel brings you back to the past grandeur of the Straits Chinese with its stunning Peranakan furnishings, antique decorations, wooden flooring and beautiful chandeliers. It offers guests a unique glimpse into Melaka’s Peranakan culture; and because of its strategic location along Melaka’s popular Jonker Street, it is also the perfect base to experience all the city has to offer.

10) Savour A Little Taste of Bali – Ipoh Bali Hotel

ipoh-bali-hotel ipoh-bali-hotel2

Ipoh Bali Hotel makes you feel as if you’ve stepped into the magical island of Bali. The hotel’s use of rustic natural wood, luxurious antique furnishings and lush greenery inspired by the Balinese architecture and interior design belies the fact that you’re actually in the small town of Ipoh.

The Zen-like features of the resort give its guests a calm and soothing environment, adding to the Balinese stay experience. With small touches like bamboo cages, Balinese paintings, and wooden trinkets and decorations, you can forget where you are for a moment, and enjoy the contemporary and luxurious beach vibe the resort brings.

11) Enjoy the Tranquility of Antique Malay Houses – Terrapuri Heritage Village, Terrenganu



Terrapuri translates to the ‘Land of Palaces’, which is an apt name to describe the 29 classic Malay houses that make up the Terrapuri Heritage Village in the state of Terengganu. The resort is a conservation and restoration project, and each of the antique houses in Terrapuri age between 100 and 250 years old. Rescued from demolition and restored to its former beauty, the houses are built entirely of Chengal wood and held together without the use of any nails.

The resort sits in between the beautiful South China Sea and the mangrove river of the Setiu Wetland. It is a great base to enjoy what the East Coast of Malaysia has to offer – fishing, diving, turtle watching, firefly tours and of course, the beach.

12 – Live it up in a Tree House

Permai Rainforest Resort



The Permai Rainforest Resort is an eco-resort that sits inside the beautiful Borneo rainforest at the foot of Mount Santubong and the shores of the South China Sea. Located in Santubong, about a half hour’s drive from Sarawak’s capital city of Kuching, the resort offers its guests the opportunity to get back to nature — the wonderfully rich biodiversity of its natural surroundings allows for activities like hiking and birdwatching; as well as beach activities like water sports.

The best feature of the resort has got to be its lovely tree house villas. Built on stilts 20 feet above the ground, the villas make you feel like a kid again in your very own treehouse amidst the gorgeous forest canopy. There are also cabins, as well as single and double story units that cater to friends and families.

With a choice of these unique accommodations, your weekends and holidays will be filled with staycations of uncovering many different places and unique experiences all over Malaysia. So get those cameras ready and plan your next getaway!

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