M Boutique, you’re so quaint!

One of the newest hotels in Ipoh, M Boutique is fast becoming popular with visitors for its unique concept and quirky style.

A unique boutique hotel

The minute I walked into M Boutique Hotel in Ipoh, I got the sense that this wasn’t going to be my usual stay. For starters, the waiting area near the reception was a comfy sofa with pillows spelling out ‘Happy Holidays’ all lined up, serving as a reminder to switch off work mode and switch on holiday mode.

mboutique-ipoh-doubleroom mboutique-ipoh-bath

Quirky Spaces

Space isn’t generous at M Boutique, but the designers have clearly made full use of what’s available. Its check-in area is much smaller than most hotels, but made cosy and inviting with a pretty display of glass jars filled with Hacks sweets – original! At the side was a side table selling scented candles, another concept by the people behind M Boutique to create an entire lifestyle out of the brand. That also explains the small boutique next to the entrance selling quirky travel paraphernalia from straw hats to journals as well as a collection of clothing.


Horsing Around

The hotel is just four storeys, each labelled The Adventure Floor, The Majestic Floor and The Excelsior Floor. I booked a double room on the highest floor and as soon as I opened the door I was quite pleased with how it looked. OK – a toilet door would have been better, but sans it gives the entire room a warm and inviting feel. It wasn’t big (just enough for two) but it was enough.

One thing I noticed – illustrations or decorations in the form of horses seem to dominate the interior of this hotel (my room has a wooden horse statue on the side table as well as horse paintings). Is there a horse theme going on? I’m not too sure, but it seems to work.


What’s also interesting is that each floor has its own design theme. For example, The Adventure Floor was inspired by tales of a safari with images of tigers, zebras and giraffes in their different cycles of life decorating the floor. Meanwhile, the Majestic Floor is all about an industrial interior concept coupled with the idea of numerology.

Muruku & Oldtown White Coffee

Facilities here are simple but thoughtful. There’s free Wi-Fi (bonus!) and Astro channels (albeit limited). What was catchy were the free local snacks (murukku and pillowy prawn crackers) that were left on our bedside with the turndown service.


As for food and beverage, an Oldtown White Coffee restaurant adjoins the hotel where you can opt for an Asian breakfast. For something unique, try the Myth Eatery & Bar (which serves a continental breakfast) that features simple food using the finest ingredients in its menu served in a comfortable atmosphere.


The Living Room – on level one of the hotel – is a chill-out area adorned with old-time furniture like rattan recliners and a private area for reading. A gymnasium and a meeting room are also nearby.