A good hotel is more than just a place to sleep. It brings the fun of being in a different city, back with you into the comforts of your own room. These cool hotels in Malaysia have gone the extra mile to offer something unique and memorable into the space where you lay your head at night. Some of them have interesting decor in the rooms, some are in the site with a very special setting, and some just break free of the standard four-walls enclosed hotel room. If you’ve already visited the popular getaway cities in Malaysia numerous times, then these unique sleeps will give you something new to look forward to. After all, travelling is not just about going new places but about finding new ways to see! Here are some of the coolest hotels in Malaysia we’ve picked out for a local getaway that’s altogether different.

*Hotel rates vary. Just to give you an idea of the prices, we’ve included estimated costs per night, accurate at the time of writing. Do check prices directly on Expedia.com.my to see accurate pricing for your selected dates.

Cool Hotels in Malaysia to Check Out In

1) Hotel Maison Boutique, Kuala Lumpur

For a family stay in the heart of Kuala LumpurHotel Maison Boutique is a thematic boutique hotel that encapsulates fairytale stories. This four-storey hotel will get your little ones excited — think about rooms with a horse carriage or a Volkswagen Beetle bed. You can choose from the 20 exclusive bedrooms available, each of a different theme, so there is always something for everyone. The modern, slightly funky interior is rarely found in typical hotels in Malaysia.

Estimated Cost per night: RM 244 for a theme room

Getting there: Take a direct flight to Kuala Lumpur and rent a car to reach the Hotel Maison Boutique in Bukit Bintang

2) M Boutique Hotel, Ipoh

Strategically located in the centre of Ipoh, M Boutique Hotel is an exquisite boutique hotel in town! The industrial chic interior design brings a refreshing, modern look to the hotel scene in Ipoh. The brick walls, wooden floor, and rusty furniture make a lovely Insta-worthy shot during your stay there. Interestingly, the hotel also has a shop selling items exclusively carrying its own brand, M Boutique Hotel.

Cost per night: RM 160 for a standard double room

Getting there: Two hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. Or take a direct flight to Ipoh and rent a car to get to the M Boutique Hotel

3) Sekeping Serendah Retreat, Selangor

If you are a nature lover wishing to experience in a lavish yet excellent and unique hotel in the middle of the lush rainforest, Sekeping Serendah Retreat in Selangor is the place to go. You can choose from the ten open-air chalets that have different amenities and designs. The wall-to-ceiling glasses let sun ray breaks into your room, giving you an uninterrupted view of nature. Jungle treks, waterfalls and plunge pools are also nearby for you to explore. The glamping concept allows you to get close to nature and rejuvenate while making your friends jealous of your marvellous accommodation.


Photo credit: 4malna

Cost per night:

RM 500 (4 pax) for a Glass Shed room

RM 320 (2 pax) for a Mud Shed room

RM 630 (6 pax) for a Timber Shed room

RM 1160 (10 pax) for a Warehouse room

RM 300 (2 pax) for a Glass Box room

Getting there: A short 45 minutes of driving from Kuala Lumpur. Or take a direct flight to Selangor and rent a car to get to the Sekeping Serendah Retreat

4) Time Capsule Retreat, Pahang

Capsule hotels are often associated with cramped beds, not suitable for claustrophobic people. Well, that’s not true! Time Capsule Retreat in Sungai Lembing, Pahang offers an enjoyable stay with their capsule rooms, surrounded by lush forest reserve far away from the bustling cities. Each cylinder-shaped room comes with a cosy queen size bed and warm lighting. Wait until night to get the romantic ambience in the capsule. It’s time to find some inspirations for an Insta-worthy shot at Time Capsule Retreat capsule rooms!

  joonkit @ningjie.emily

Cost per night: RM 139 for a capsule (2 pax)

Getting there: Take a direct flight to Pahang and rent a car to the Time Capsule Retreat in Sungai Lembing

5) Riccarton Capsule Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

With a futuristic style, Riccarton Capsule Hotel in Kuala Lumpur is another capsule hotel that will remind you of those sci-fi movies. The capsule may look puny compared to your bedroom but is packed with lots of facilities. From a smart TV to small deposit box, the room’s design is really well thought of, allowing you to rest comfortably with some entertainment. The electric blue lighting will bring you the atmosphere of being in a spacecraft. If you know any die-hard fans of outer space, share this with them!

Cost per night: RM 86 for a Capsule Double (2 pax)

Getting there: Take a direct flight to Kuala Lumpur and rent a car to reach the Riccarton Capsule Hotel.

6) Macalister Mansion, Penang

The unique colonial-style building of the Macalister Mansion in the George Town, Penang promises its guests absolute privacy with only eight rooms available. Built in the 1900s, the colonial mansion was restored while maintaining the original colonial architecture. It now opens its door to guests who are looking for an elegant and luxurious stay in George Town. As you approach the hotel complex, you will find a posh, gigantic castle with amenities around. While the facade gives you the feel of an old colonial building, the rooms have a modern touch in the furniture. It’s time to live up your dream living in a castle like a king and queen!

Cost per night: RM 720 per room (2 pax)

Getting there: Take a direct flight to Penang and rent a car to the Macalister Mansion


So, have you made up your mind on which cool hotels in Malaysia that will be your next destination? These extraordinary accommodations will give you a different experience like no other!