Spring is arguably the most wonderful of the four seasons. Asian countries, in particular, are beautiful places to visit during spring. Special flowers that are absent during the rest of the year are finally coming into bloom and fruit trees bear in abundance.

Several Asian countries celebrate the coming of spring by holding events, festivals, and other traditional activities. If you want to know the best places to visit in Asia this spring, read on to find out more!

Where to Experience Spring in Asia

Pokhara, Nepal

Spring in Pokhara: March to May

Spring Weather in Pokhara: Average temperature is between 21.7°C to 32.5°C with warmer temperature later in the season. Rain is also common with at least 5 to 11 days of precipitation per month.

If you’re looking for an adventurous spring trip, consider trekking your way through the beautiful lake city of Pokhara. Springtime in Nepal is the best time to trek because the temperature isn’t too high and the humidity is low.

Conquer your fears and trek the Himalayas where you can choose between the Annapurna Circuit route (which can take 21 days) and the hike to Annapurna base camp (which can take 8 days). If trekking isn’t your thing, you can take a leisurely hike up to Sarangkot Viewpoint. Book your trip in May to get the best bird’s eye views!

Where to stay

For a relaxing and luxurious stay, book a room at the Shangri la Village Resort Pokhara where guests are treated to a complimentary buffet breakfast and stunning mountain views from their rooms.

Pokhara travel tips

When visiting Pokhara during spring, the sheer number of agencies advertising trekking tours and shops selling trekking goods can be overwhelming. To avoid this, book a tour beforehand by doing your research and reading the reviews.

Mathura, India

Spring in Mathura: March to May

Spring Weather in Mathura: Average temperatures is between 14°C to 29°C, with around 2 rainy days per month.


CC by 2.0 / Rajesh_India

The beginning of spring in India is celebrated with the Holi Festival of Colours. Holi is an ancient festival and is considered the second most popular festival in India after Diwali. The festival is a playful cultural event in which participants throw coloured water at friends or strangers in jest.

The Holi Festival held at Mathura is famous throughout the country and attracts tourists and pilgrims from other parts of the world. In the week before Holi, a renowned show is held at Mathura, consisting of a musical procession that starts at the temples to the river up to the Holi Gate.

Spring in India typically starts on March and is characterised by cool, temperate weather, making it the perfect time to explore this exotic, intoxicating country.

Where to stay

 For a luxurious stay right in the middle of the city, consider Nidhivan Sarovar Portico. Ideal for its close proximity to a number of tourist attractions such as the Prem Mandir temple, the hotel also boasts spacious, well-decorated rooms, and free WiFi all throughout the hotel.

Mathura travel tips

When celebrating the Holi Festival in Mathura as a tourist, it’s best to find a family or group of people to play Holi with to ensure your safety – especially if you’re a female travelling solo. While the Holi Festival is undoubtedly enjoyable, it can be almost impossible to avoid being harassed by men.

Tokyo, Japan

Spring in Tokyo: March to May

Spring Weather in Tokyo: Average temperatures are between 5°C to 23°C, increasing later into the season. During the first half of the season, expect snow and colder weather.


Pixabay / DeltaWorks

When it comes to spring, no city does it quite like Tokyo. Spring in Tokyo begins on March and lasts until May, and is considered the most beautiful of all the seasons. The main highlight of spring is undoubtedly the cherry blossoms. Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) is the most popular activity in Tokyo during the spring. Cherry blossom trees planted throughout the city come into bloom, showing off a beautiful pink colour.

Spring is also a great time to experience some of Japan’s traditional festivals such as Children’s Day, Girl’s Day (Hinamatsuri), and the Shinto festivals (Sanja Matsuri, Kanda Matsuri, and Sanno Matsuri). You’ll also be treated to wonderful traditional events such as Yabusame (horseback archery) and feast on delicious spring food such as cherry blossom-flavoured ice cream.

Where to stay

For a unique and distinctly Japanese stay in Tokyo, consider booking a capsule room at Tokyo Ginza Bay Hotel. With rooms and amenities decorated in simplistic Japanese decor, you’ll feel right at home here.

Tokyo travel tips

 Spring in Japan tends to be colder than in other countries so it’s best to bring with you a relatively thick jacket and scarf. However, if you’re planning to visit around May, a light jacket or cardigan will suffice.

Bangkok, Thailand

Spring in Bangkok: March to May (hot season)

Spring Weather in Bangkok: Average temperatures are between 26°C to 35°C, with 2 to 14 rainy days per month.


Pixabay / laydown

Bangkok is a little tricky as far as seasons are concerned. This is because Bangkok is considered a “tropical savanna” with only three seasons: hot season, rainy season, and cool season. And even during the cool season, Bangkok remains relatively hot, as is the case with most tropical countries.

Despite this, however, Bangkok is one of the best places to visit during spring. This is because it’s where the world’s biggest water fight takes place during the Songkran Festival pictured above. The festival takes place in mid-April and is a celebration of the traditional Thai New Year (April 15). It typically lasts 2-3 days, with the first day being a fun-filled celebration with processions of Buddha images.

Where to stay

During the Songkran Festival, it’s best to stay in the Khao San and Silom neighbourhoods of Bangkok. Book a room months in advance at ibis Styles Bangkok Khaosan Viengtai or Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom.

Bangkok travel tips

If you want to have the best Songkran experience, Khao San and Silom hold the most exuberant celebrations. Be prepared to be wet all the time! The only way to avoid being splashed with water is if you’re holding a camera or a cigarette!

Bali, Indonesia

Spring in Bali: March to May

Spring Weather in Bali: Average temperatures are between 27°C to 33°C, with approximately 14 rainy days in March, 12 rainy days in April, and 9 rainy days in May.


Technically-speaking, there are only two seasons in Bali: wet season and dry season. The typical spring months fall on the wet season in Bali so expect a number of rainy days during your stay. Although Bali is best known as a summer destination, it’s also a great place to visit during the springtime because it’s considered low season.

Despite being quite busy throughout the year, spring in Bali is relatively quieter, particularly during the annual Nyepi or Day of Silence which takes place on March 21st. It marks the start of a Balinese New Year and is dedicated to cleansing and renewing one’s soul. This tradition marks a complete stop in activities in the city and is considered a non-working holiday. Even the airport is closed during that day.

Where to stay

Because most establishments are closed during Nyepi, you might want to go on a relaxing staycation instead at the AYANA Resort and Spa Bali.

Bali travel tips

If you’re planning on visiting Bali during the wet season, it’s best to arm yourself against the rain by bringing a raincoat and an umbrella. Be sure to check the weather before heading out, too!

Shanghai, China

Spring in Shanghai: April to May

Spring Weather in Shanghai: Average temperatures are between 5°C to 12°C.

Spring in Shanghai starts on April and lasts until May when the weather gets hotter. While not as cold as Beijing, Shanghai weather during spring does tend to get quite nippy. Luckily, a visit to Shanghai during this time will be worth it as there’s so much more to see. For one, there are a number of festivals for you to experience, including the Qingming Festival (April), Labor Day (May 1), and Youth Day (May 4).

Additionally, you can unwind in some of Shanghai’s most peaceful attractions such as the Yu Garden, take a walk along The Bund, and learn more about Shanghai at the Shanghai Museum.

Where to stay

Book a room at the contemporary Modena by Fraser Putuo Shanghai for a luxurious stay in rooms with stylish, modern decor.

Shanghai travel tips

Unfortunately, springtime in Shanghai is also considered peak-season so be prepared to book your flights, tours, and hotel accommodations months beforehand.

Alishan, Taiwan

Spring in Alishan: March to May

Spring Weather in Alishan: Average temperatures are between 16°C to 27°C with warmer temperatures in later months.


A 6-hour drive from Taipei, Alishan is a township located in East Chiayi County and is widely known as a scenic spot. It is most popular for being one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in all of Taiwan, particularly during the springtime when the Tokyo sakura are in full bloom during the Cherry Blossom Festival. The festival lasts two weeks and is considered the busiest time of the year for Alishan.

Cherry blossoms aside, however, many people visit Alishan for its cool weather (higher up in the mountains) and tourists attractions such as the Alishan Railway. It’s also a great place to go hiking and trekking as it offers several trails for both experienced and inexperienced hikers.

Where to stay

 If you want to stay in a room with the best views, book your accommodation at Alishan Tea Garden, a quaint bed and breakfast that offers stunning views of Alishan’s lush, natural landscapes.

Alishan travel tips

 If you’re looking to get some souvenirs for your family and friends, consider buying them some authentic Alishan tea. Alishan tea is quite popular in the tea-drinking world and, as such, many fakes have been branding themselves as “Alishan tea”. If you do visit Alishan, rest assured that you’ll only be getting the real thing!

Spring in Asia is a wonderful time and this is particularly true for tourists looking to explore the wonderful continent during this season. Temperate weather, fun-filled festivals, and exciting activities await you!