Romance means different things to different people – for some it’s breathtaking nature and walking along the golden sands of a deserted beach at sunset. For others, it’s the flickering lights of a big city and a sumptuous, candle-lit dinner at a good restaurant. Whatever it means to you, there are romantic places in Malaysia and around the world that can rekindle the loveydovey feels in your life, or provide the perfect backdrop for a new one. Here are 7 romantic places to experience with your partner for a honeymoon or couples getaway together.


Romance in New York, USA

New York

Think of all the romantic movies with scenes set in New York – An Affair to Remember, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail. Romantic must-do’s on your itinerary; a night-time trip up the Empire State Building, a morning stroll through Central Park and, of course, dinner at one of New York’s iconic restaurants such as The River Café on the Brooklyn waterfront, looking back to the bright lights of Manhattan.

Romantic Getaway in Langkawi, Malaysia

Sunset in Langkawi - Romantic Destinations in Malaysia

Perhaps your idea of romance is less big city bright lights and more relaxing resorts, health retreats and his-and-her massages. If that’s the case, Langkawi is a wonderful option when it comes to romantic destinations in Malaysia. There are world class romantic luxury resorts offering rest and respite for tired stressed-out couples on this 99-island archipelago. Book a honeymoon suite and snuggle up in one of the best romantic beach resorts in Langkawi. What better way to rejuvenate a relationship or kick-start a new one?

Romantic Beach Getaway in Boracay, Philippines

Boracay Phiilippines - Romantic Destinations

Next on our list of romantic destinations in Asia is Boracay.

The wonderful thing about Boracay as a destination for couples is that one day you can be lying around the beach, taking it easy; the next day you can be indulging in the high energy, adrenaline-shot-in-the-arm activities that this small island has to offer. It’s not as quiet as it once was, but this means there’s plenty on offer for adventurous travellers including para-sailing and scuba diving or simply get away from it all on a private boat for a spot of sunset sailing.

Ultimate Romantic Vacation in Paris, France

Is it possible to compile such a list without mentioning the City of Light? I think not.

Paris Park and Eiffel Tower - Romantic Destinations

For many, Paris is the ultimate romantic destination. Just a weekend is enough to get you in the mood for romance and you don’t need to make much effort to find a romantic backdrop. Simply wander the streets around the Seine, walk over its famous bridges, or have a casual lunch or dinner at a quaint bistro in a cobbled laneway in a romantic quarter, such as Le Marais. For something a little different opt for a tour of Paris in a convertible vintage Citröen 2CV.

And remember, this is France: public displays of affection are expected!

Romantic Getaway in Kyoto, Japan

Temple in Kyoto Japan - Romantic Destinations

It’s winter in February in this most romantic of Japanese cities – so a little early for the famed spring blossom – but lovey dovey moments can still be conjured up in this magical city. Winter is fairly mild, with just a chance of light snow. The capital of Japan for over a thousand years, Kyoto is rich in gorgeous sights and fascinating history, with hundreds of ancient shrines, temples and Zen gardens, including 17 World Heritage sites.

In the evening, retreat with your loved one to the cosy warmth of one of Kyoto’s traditional hotels or guesthouses.

Couples Weekend Getaway in Ubud, Indonesia

Ubud Couples Retreat Bali - Romantic Destinations

In the heart of Bali, Ubud is a magical place for romance, especially for couples looking for relaxation and restoration. How about something a little different, such as taking a yoga class or cooking class together, or cycling through the hills? Check into one of the relaxing resorts or a private villa with your own pool and take time out from the cares of the world to focus on your partner, not your job.

Romantic Weekend in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay Vietnam - Romantic Destinations

There’s something mystical about the limestone karsts jutting out from the waters of this World Heritage site that makes it the perfect backdrop for romance. Cruising sounds like a romantic cliché, but a cruise along Halong Bay at sunset can be a magical way to connect with a loved one. Halong Bay can also be filled with adventure and you may find that connection while climbing a dramatic cliff, kayaking or exploring Halong Bay’s caves.