The idea of a relaxing vacation is no longer synonymous with luxurious resorts, especially among youths. Step aside, island villas and five-star hotels. A new trend of ‘glamping’ has emerged, where people camp glamorously. If you love nature and the smell of a good old s’more crackling in the campfire, but not looking to completely roughing it out, here we present to you a few resort destinations to glamp away!

1. Tadom Hill Resorts

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Yes, you read it right! It is a resort minus luxurious beds and carpeted rooms. Located less than an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur, the Tadom Hill Resorts is a popular glamping site that offers its guests numerous exciting activities. The Tadom Hill Resorts has several kinds of sites, including the Bamboo Garden Tents Site and the Bamboo Lakeside Tents Site. If you prefer a more traditional kind of glamping, Tadom Hill Resorts also has Eco-Tent Site to meet your needs.

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Cost per night:

RM 75 for a bed in Bamboo Hut, RM 130 for a Bamboo Garden Tent,

RM 150 for a Bamboo Lakeside Tent, RM 240 for a Gendui Chalet and

RM 65 for a Hammock Sphere

Getting there: Less than an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur or take a direct flight to Selangor and rent a car to the Tadom Hill Resorts

2. Japamala Resort: A rustic resort by the beach on Tioman Island

The Japamala Resort on the Tioman Island in Pahang is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious glamping sites you can experience in Malaysia. The magnificent resort upholds the concept of a rustic yet luxurious design with very minimal environmental impact. You can expect an undisturbed natural landscape once you reach this dreamy glamping destination. You can choose either to stay at the chalets, the hillside rooms or even the beachside villas. Whatever your decision is, you are promised stunning sceneries of beach, sea and lush green forests — perfect for nature lovers. There are so many activities available such as diving in the clear turquoise sea, doing boat excursions to nearby villages and trekking through the thick, lush jungle.

Cost per night: RM 1,334 for the Luxury room and the Standard Hillside View room

Getting there: Take a direct flight to Pahang and rent a car to the Mersing Jetty. From the jetty, hop on the resort’s private speedboat for a 45 minutes boat ride to the Japamala Resort

3. Caravan Serai: Fancy campsite near Kuala Lumpur

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The Caravan Serai Exclusive Private Villas is strategically located in Bentong, less than 45 minutes drive from the metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur. This glamping site is suitable for a quick getaway from the bustling cities. Set up in the middle of the lush green forest and fruit orchards with a river running nearby, you can choose between the Safari Tent and the Caravan Suite — both options come with cosy beds inside the tents. You don’t have to get your hands dirty preparing your food. Simply head down to one of the restaurants to enjoy some local cuisine, steamboat or barbecue.

Cost per night: RM 197 for a Deluxe Safari Tent

Getting there: Take a direct flight to Pahang and rent a car straight to the Caravan Serai

4. Canopy Tribes: An up-scale traditional camp in Johor Bahru

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The Canopy Tribes’ glamping site offers several luxurious and glamorous ‘Bell Tent’ accommodations with beds for a comfortable sleep on the site. No more headache from setting up the Bell Tent because everything has been set up for you. The Canopy Tribes is surrounded by a pristine rainforest, with a waterfall just a walking distance away.

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Cost per night: RM 150 for a luxurious Bell Tent

Getting there: Take a direct flight to Johor Bahru and rent a car to the Canopy Tribes

5. Sailor Rest Resort: Chill down in the cool weather of Pahang

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You will find cosy tents with great beddings at the Sailor Rest Resort in Janda Baik, Pahang, which will definitely wash your fatigues away. The tents are located right next to a river and situated 600 metres above the sea level, giving the resort a cooling weather, suitable for those who wish to escape from the scorching city heat. Besides tents, they also have chalets and bungalows. They even have a boathouse if you are looking for an adventurous experience with your loved ones. The peace and tranquillity in the compound will help to declutter your mind.

Cost per night: RM 95 per adult for Glamping

Getting there: Take a direct flight to Pahang and rent a car straight to the Sailor Rest Resort in Janda Baik

6. Walai Penyu Resort: Live close to the turtle hatchery in Sandakan

If you are looking for a glamping site in the Borneo, you should check out Walai Penyu Resort, located in Sandakan, Sabah. The spacious tents hold cosy beds, a table and a wardrobe. Some of the units have a fantastic view of the sea. Besides, guests have the chance to watch turtles being released back to the ocean. If you are lucky, you can even witness turtles hatching along the coastline during the hatching season.

Cost per night: RM 1,085 for a Standard Double or Twin Room

Getting there: Take a direct flight to Sandakan and rent a car to the jetty to the Libaran Island where you can hop on a boat for a 45 minutes boat ride straight to the island

Survival Tips

  • Bring umbrellas, raincoat and slippers! After all, you are staying in an individual tent with limited sheltered walkway to the main building or main gate
  • Bring lots of snacks and games. Unlike typical hotels, most tent sites do not provide entertainment such as cable TV or minibars.
  • If you are dining in at the campsite, let the staff know if you have any dietary requirements. Otherwise, you can also bring your own ingredients to cook in the communal kitchen.