Krabi is one of Thailand’s top tourist destinations thanks to its plentiful natural attractions, including white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, extensive coral reefs, numerous caves, waterfall and gorgeous islands. Although Phuket is more popular among tourists, Krabi offers a whole different experience that is best if you are looking for a place to relax.
-11-48 hours in krabi_

While preparing for my trip, I could rarely find a 3D2N guide to Krabi, and it made me worried whether my plan to conquer Krabi within 48 hours would be impossible. But, my fears were proven wrong!

Getting There

The best thing about Krabi is their accessibility! There are more than 10 domestic flights from Bangkok every single day as well as several international flights going to Krabi International Airport. Also, there are lots of buses and cabs in the airport premise that will get you to your accommodation.

For solo (or couple) travellers who are tight on budget, you can take a shuttle bus from the airport to Ao Nang or Krabi Town. Otherwise, a cab will be a faster option for those who have extra cash to spare.
monkey in krabi
Monkey on a coconut truck during our trip from Krabi town to Ao Nang
Although you can visit Krabi all year round, the best time to travel here is November-March, when humidity is not too high, and the weather is relatively cooler.

Places to Stay

Ao Nang Beach was and is still the most popular among travellers for its convenience and strategic location. Ao Nang is located just beside the ocean while the main Krabi Town is still some distance away. This is why most people will go straight to Ao Nang Beach. This beautiful beach town houses a good range of accommodation, from cheap hostels to luxurious hotels — that’s what makes this town perfect for all kinds of travellers.

For those looking for a romantic getaway, Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resortwill be a lovely place to stay with some rooms facing the gorgeous white sand, clear sky and sparkling blue Andaman Sea.

Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort

Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort

For budget or solo travellers, there are many backpacker hostels or dorms available at Ao Nang. Since we would spend most of our time outside, we didn’t see any point in staying in a resort.

What To Do

Day 1: Evening/Night – Reach Krabi

Even if you have no time to get a tour package before the trip, you will easily find tons of tour agencies lined along the beach. They open until late night, so just take your time and ask around to get the best price for the island hopping and the kayaking package. As we reached Krabi in the evening, we just wanted to relax and properly plan our itinerary for the next 2 days.
Krabi street food
Bargaining for some tour packages
While it is totally possible to do this without a tour agent, I suggest you get a tour package because it’s very troublesome to arrange this independently. With only less than 45 hours on our hands (and limited budget too!), we didn’t want to risk our trips. Many tour agencies here offer different itineraries; you just need to tell them your preferences!

Day 2: Morning/Afternoon – Island Hopping

We decided to choose the trip to Phi Phi islands, which include the main Phi Phi Don Island, Monkey Beach, and Maya Bay. The itinerary started quite early — at 8 AM. A minivan picked us up from our hotel to the jetty. The tour ended at around 4 PM, with lunch, snack, and water included in the package.
Krabi sea
Krabi sea
My favourite view from the boat :)


Maya Bay is famous thanks to the blockbuster movie The Beach. The movie itself gained some controversies since the original landscape of the beach was transformed to accommodate the film-shooting. Yet, there was a rumour saying that the tsunami in 2004 had helped the beach to get reshaped into its natural landscape. The bay is indeed lovely and gorgeous, and I would love to believe that the bay (and not Leonardo DiCaprio) was the reason why the movie became famous. Trust me, it will make you want to stay here forever!
Krabi beach
The only downside? Too many tourists. We travelled there in December, which is the peak period for Krabi — so we can’t blame anyone. To enjoy a more private Maya Bay, you should consider travelling during off-peak season or arranging for a private boat.

Phi Phi Don Island is one of Thailand’s most famous destinations for scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking and other marine recreational activities. The beautiful underwater world around the area and the influx of tourists have resulted in a boom in the scuba diving industry here.

Scuba diving in Krabi

P.S. Scuba diving here is relatively affordable as compared to other places (probably with Koh Tao as an exception), so what are you waiting for?

Dive shops can be found side-by-side every few metres, and accommodation is also aplenty on the island. Phi Phi Don is a great place to spend a night or two if you love (or want to learn) scuba diving.

Next destination is Monkey Beach, where you can see…. Monkeys!
The wild macaque monkeys stay in the cliffs and normally will come down looking for food. This is another touristy place, so come early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the crowd.
Krabi beach
We had unknowingly spent half a day on the boat, and it’s time to get back to Ao Nang!

Evening – Sunset

After getting some quick bite, we headed to one of the numerous beaches around Ao Nang to enjoy the gorgeous sunset. We were lucky not to miss the breathtaking sunset view on the beach. 


Strolling on the beach

Krabi beach

Too bad that day was quite cloudy, as such we didn’t manage to get a gorgeous sunset. Nevertheless, the sky still gave us a pretty shade of colours :) 

Night – Local Food and Happy Hour

krabi street food

Time to eat some real Thai food! Indulge yourself by strolling around the main road and getting some of their street food. My favourite? Pad Thai, coconut ice cream, and mango fruit juice… and also, mango sticky rice, tom yam, green curry… (probably I should stop here). No trip to Thailand is ever complete without trying their street food!

krabi street food

Besides great food, Ao Nang also offers a very vibrant nightlife although it may not be as famous as Phuket’s. Walk into one of those pubs to enjoy some local beers along with some live music. We really loved the relaxed night atmosphere at Ao Nang, which was neither too loud nor too quiet for our preference.

krabi street food

Day 3: Morning – Kayaking

Start your day by exploring the beautiful mangrove forest and karst formation around the region on a kayak! The small inlets, caves and hidden lagoons can be discovered on this kayaking tour, while the jungle will shade you from the scorching sun.
kayaking in krabi

Never tried to kayak before? Don’t worry! The tour guide will give you the basic instruction on using the paddle, and the guide provides life vests as well. The pace was just right for a first-time kayaker; we cruised on flat calm water (which may not appease those adrenaline junkies). If you are still not comfortable, you can opt for a double kayak, just like what we did. What’s better than riding the current with your friend or loved one?

kayaking in krabi

We went for a half-day kayaking package from around 8 AM to 1 PM, with a minivan fetching you to/from your accommodation. The short duration of the activity makes this suitable to be scheduled on your last day here, so you wouldn’t have to rush for your flight.

Afternoon – Food time! (again)

Reward yourself with more local food after the kayak! We had been there, and we knew that one day was not enough to try all the delicious-looking snacks sold there. It was the last chance to stuff ourselves silly before leaving the beautiful town.

krabi street food

Mini youtiao/deep-fried dough with condensed milk or kaya jam

fruit stall in Krabi

#1 thing to try in Krabi: fruit juice!

street food in Krabi

(Unhealthy) Fried satay with Thai sauce

Evening – time to fly back

Make sure you’ve eaten to your heart’s content, and have bought enough souvenirs for your friends and relatives back home before getting to the airport. My favourite souvenir from Thailand would be their chips and seaweed snack. They have a lot of different flavours that you can rarely find outside the country!

Getting back to the airport is as easy as getting to Ao Nang from the airport. Set aside enough buffer time just in case there is some traffic on the way, or the minivan/taxi doesn’t come on time.

So it’s finally time to bid Krabi goodbye! It was short, but nevertheless, the past 48 hours had been an absolutely great getaway from the hustle bustle of city life. So, until we see each other again, Krabi!

At Krabi beach

Flights to Krabi