So, I went back to Taiwan again after a year but this time was very different because I actually explored the whole of Taiwan, from Tainan, to Kaohsiung, Taichung and Taipei, all sponsored by Expedia Malaysia.

My first stop: Tainan, the land of good food! Have you heard of 吃在台南? A lot of people have mentioned it to me before and I absolutely agree because the food in Tainan is really really good!

If you follow my Insta or Dayre, you would have saw that I traveled to Taiwan in EVA Air from Singapore! My flight was at 3.20 pm so by the time I reached Taipei it was already 8.30pm! Since my plan was to head back to Tainan first, I headed to the High Speed Rail (H.S.R) straight and took the 10.15pm train back to Tainan. The ticket was at $1305 and it took me around 1 hour 20 min! Due to all the traveling I didn’t have time to take any pictures in the train or whatsoever!

Reached Tainan at 11.30pm, so I managed to catch the last free shuttle bus (兴南客运) to the Cozzi Hotel which is located right next to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi | Love Tainan 新光三越台南新天地. The location is really convenient because there are a lot of restaurants and convenient stores around! I reached at 12.30am and I was hungry so I just walked out to the nearest convenience store to buy some food. Don’t you just love hotels that are really near to convenience stores? Especially in Taiwan because they sell all types of food and drinks!


The front view of the hotel, it’s the newest hotel in town!


The main entrance of the hotel. It was a bit hidden by the huge shopping mall so if you have a hard time looking for it, just look for HERMES then you will be able to see the entrance!

The lobby and the breakfast area! The hotel receptionists were friendly and nice!


Our Hotel Room

Xbox Theme Cozzi HotelXbox gamers theme hotel room, Cozzi Hotel

Our room was the XBOX One hotel comfort room. Obviously, the room was a XBOX inspired room so you can easily spot XBOX branding here and there.

Bobo Tainan Hotel room

I’m in love with the long TV console & study table!


Greeted with a plate of fruits!

Bobo Xbox Hotel Room, Tainan

Their pillows are huge and comfy! I have never seen such big pillows before, it’s a lot bigger than the usual pillows.


So spacious and clean!

Coffee in Tainan hotel room

A lot of tea bags and coffee to choose from.

Cozzi Hotel bathtub

The toilet is by far my favorite, it’s huge, clean and simple. I love toilets that are simple and cozy. The huge bathtub is perfect for a bubble bath after a tiring day of traveling.

Cozzi Hotel toiletries in Tainan

They also provide a lot of toiletries for you just in case you forgot yours.

Xbox kids toiletries, Cozzi hotel

Because it’s a kids friendly hotel, they do provide more toiletries for your kids but they put it in a green Xbox recycle bag! Besides that Hotel Cozzi offers other amenities for kids such as kids size bathrobe, slippers, pillows, blankets and toothbrush and toothpaste! Cribs and bathtubs for babies are available and they are free of charge.


I love the idea of separating the toilet and shower area, if you have more than 1 person staying with you, you don’t have to wait for your turn to go to the toilet or shower.

Xbox in the hotel room

Of course an XBOX in an XBOX room lol.

Xbox slippers

The XBOX slippers too!

Blogger Bobo in Cozzi Hotel

After a long tiring day, it’s time for a hot shower!


Another awesome thing about the hotel is that they provide international power outlets, not just one but all of them!

Cozzi Hotel Playground for kids in hotel, Tainan

Cozzi Hotel also provides kids play area for their little guests! A playground that parents and kids get to enjoy together!


Day 2: Food in Tainan!

The next morning I headed to my aunt’s bakery which is located right opposite the hotel!


Their signature layered crepe cake in maple syrup flavor (千層蛋糕楓糖薄餅). It tastes different from the ones in Malaysia, it’s very light but full of flavor. It comes in a few flavors such as coffee, chocolate, green tea, strawberry and chestnut.  If you’re ever there, do drop by and give it a try! It’s called 克林姆之屋 (Cream House)


They have two branches, one located in Dong Feng Road and another located at Xi Men Road which is opposite Hotel Cozzi.


They have recently launched a new flavor which is green tea with red bean filling!


Lunchtime in Tainan

My lunch was at Uehara located at AnPing road.

uehara-tainanLunch with Bobo in Tainan

I have been to this Japanese restaurant a few times before because it’s my relatives’ favorite restaurant! Everything was so fresh and affordable. Try calling them for a reservation because they are usually fully booked for lunch!

Japanese food in Tainan, Taiwan Japanese food in Tainan, Taiwan Tainan chicken cutlet


708, Taiwan, 台南市安平區怡平路39號


Buns and Bubble Tea

Then my aunt took us to Mei Xiang Zhen for “dou sha bing”, it’s just right behind our hotel too!

Tainan bakerymei-xiang-zhen-tainan-bakery

Headed back to my aunty’s house before dinner to rest and drink my favorite 50lan (50岚 ) !

50lan bubble tea

Took some time to take OOTD by placing my camera on top of the neighbor’s car lol

Bobo OOTD, Taiwan


Best Beef Noodles in Tainan, Taiwan

Dinner was at Lao Zheng beef noodles, by far the best beef noodles in Tainan!

bobo-tainan-dinnerBlogger Bobo eating beef noodles in Tainan

Their beef was so tender and full of flavor. The portion is really big so I think it’s better to share with someone so you have more space in your tummy for their 卤味 (marinated dishes)

Taiwan beef noodleslao-zheng-tainan

As usual, my plan was to eat and eat in Tainan so for the next day, I just kept the food coming!

Taiwan dim sumPork Rib Noodles in Taiwan

Pork rib noodles!


Sightseeing in Tainan

The weather in Tainan, Taiwan was finally mild enough for me to do a little sightseeing at night, so my uncle drove me around to take pictures at some of the tourist attractions haha. I have been to these places a few times already so they were pretty familiar to me. At first I wanted to revisit An Ping Old Street but it was closed on Monday = =”

An Ping Old Street

I spent 2 days in Tainan and then I went off to Kaohsiung for more food and fun! Stay tuned for my Kaohsiung post yo!


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