Pangkor Island, or Pulau Pangkor, is a beach destination that boasts wonderful white sandy beaches. On Pulau Pangkor you’ll find different kinds of water sports, as well as hiking terrain ideal for the trekkers. The best thing to do really, is to book your hotel room or a chalet right next to the beach. Imagine waking up every morning to the calming sound of the sea and the view of the picturesque Pangkor beach — such a perfect way to start your day! So much vacay feels. What’s there to do besides lounge about on the deck of your lovely beach resort? Here are 6 of the top things to do in Pangkor Island.

Things to do on Pulau Pangkor

1. Go Diving at Pulau Sembilan

Pangkor Island is among the smallest compared with other islands in Malaysia. However, that does not make the island any less interesting for divers.

Pulau Sembilan is actually a cluster of 9 uninhabited islands with several dive sites. The most popular dive site being the White Rock. The current can be quite strong, so take proper precautions. Some of the marine life you can encounter here includes hard corals, parrotfish, jacks, barracudas and hump head wrasses.

Do take note that diving activities in Pulau Sembilan are usually available around November until March. It is better to arrange your diving trips with operators from Kuala Lumpur.

2. Snorkelling and Island hopping will be fun!

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Haven’t got a PADI dive license? Well, the fun in the sea is for all so chuck on some snorkels and get in there!

Snorkelling will be more than enough to appreciate the wonderful underwater marine life of the Pangkor Island. You can book snorkelling packages at any chalets or hotels in Pangkor Island. Many of the packages include both snorkelling and island hopping at a reasonable rate.

Half day snorkel tours are popular as it takes that much time to snorkel around the island. The great visibility underwater will amaze you.

Mentagor and Giam are some of the islands that are the most popular among snorkellers, both aren’t very far from the Pangkor Island.

3. Visit the Historical Dutch Fort

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If you want to take a break from the white sandy beaches, consider dropping by the historical Dutch Fort or Kota Belanda right in the heart of Pulau Pangkor. It is the only historical site on Pangkor Island. The Dutch Fort is basically the ruins of a building once used by the Dutch as a storage of tin supplies hundreds of years back. The fort is set on just a short distance from the Pangkor beach.

4. Hike the Pangkor Hill from Pasir Bogak

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You can also go hiking at Pangkor Island. The island is home to several rainforest reserves, including the Tortoise Hill, Teluk Segadas Hill and the virgin jungle near the Pangkor Laut Resort for the adventurous ones. Nevertheless, the most recommended trekking trail is no other than the highest peak on the island: Pangkor Hill. The trail starts from Pasir Bogak with a beautiful waterfall near the entrance of the trek. The diverse range of flora and fauna along the trek will keep you in awe throughout the trek. Good news is, the trek ends near Pangkor beach, so bring along extra clothes for a dip in the ocean afterwards.

5. Seafood at its best!

Travel to the east coast of the island where the fishing villages are and drop by at any of the seafood restaurants. You will find tons of seafood restaurants sprawling along the coast so you won’t run out of choices. The seafood in Pulau Pangkor is definitely fresh at a reasonable price! Nipah Deli is one of the best beachfront seafood restaurants ever in Pulau Pangkor. Do try their savoury ‘Ikan Bakar’, the calamaries and other wonderful dishes whilst enjoying the sunset view.

6. Enjoy a relaxing stay at the luxurious Pangkor Laut Resort

Pangkor Laut Resort, one of the finest resorts ever in Malaysia, is located on a private island not far from the Pulau Pangkor. It offers privacy for the guests as no other residential area can be found on the island. Choose to stay either at the Hill View Villa, set high on the hill, further away from the crowd or at the Sea Villa, elegantly sits on the stilts above the clear seawater, connected by a romantic wooden walkway. While staying on this luxurious private island, pamper yourself with the spas, pools and sun on the beaches. You are also welcome to join the daily morning jungle trek led by a resident naturalist, known as Uncle Yip.

Once you arrive at the Marina Island Pangkor jetty dock, head to the Pangkor Laut Resort office to check-in. Afterwards, speedboats will carry you and your belongings to the private island. One day on Pulau Angkor is never enough. Consider spending a few days in Pulau Pangkor so you can try out the six activities we suggest during your next vacation there!

Recommended Hotels

Where to stay on Pulau Pangkor

Among the most popular options for a stay in Pulau Pangkor, are these two hotels: Coral Bay Resort or the Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort . They both have top-notch service and strategic locations.

If you’re looking for comfort with a smaller price tag, check out the Ombak Inn Chalet or the Lyana Villa Chalet. These two hotels on Pangkor are located just within walking distance from the Pulau Pangkor beach. And the rates per night are very reasonable indeed.