Malaysia is a diverse land with exotic destinations for a perfect holiday. What if you’re on a tight budget? Would that mean half the fun? Of course not! Here are some brilliant weekend getaways covering different parts of Malaysia to suit the budget traveller.

Great Spots for Budget Weekend Getaways in Malaysia

1) Rawang: Stay amidst the rainforest and waterfalls of Kanching

Have you ever thought of waking up in a rainforest, surrounded by nothing but a blanket of dense vegetation? The beautiful rainforest of Kanching provides the tunes of nature in the Rawang Town of the Gombak district of Selangor.

Kanching Falls CC by 2.0 / Phalinn Ooi

Another spot you should visit is Kanching Falls, located exactly in the middle of Kuala Lumpur and Rawang. This forest reserve is not too far away from the well-known Templar’s Park. You have an option of hiking through the nature trails or accessing the lower falls through the recreation park and progressing up to its 7 tiers. Either way, you get to enjoy the best that nature has to offer!

Where to Stay

Where to Stay in Rawang on a Budget

You can check Oyo Hotels out for a budget stay in Rawang.

2) Cameron Highlands: Hike in the green blanket of tea plantations

Spend your day touring the tea factory, having some scones, sipping a cup of tea at the restaurants on the ledge or getting immersed in tea trailing. Additionally, you can go hiking in the jungle trails for free! Mossy Forest tour can be combined with a climb to the observation tower, while some hiking trails can be added to a visit to the tea plantations.

Where to Stay

Where to Stay  in Cameron Highlands on a Budget

The 3 cities – Ringlet, Brinchang and Tanah Rata – offer a wide range of places to stay in Cameron Highlands, including backpacker hostels, inns and shared guesthouses.

3) Melaka: A Walk Through the Colonial Era

Hail a 2-hour bus ride to the beautiful historical town of Melaka.

The small city can be slowly conquered by foot, making it easy to save your money on transportation. The main attractions of Malacca are the colonial buildings, concentrated around Malacca River. The entrance to these attractions is mostly free, except for museums and the observation tower. If you still want to get into the tower to get a bird’s eye view of the city, go there on weekdays to get the tickets at a cheaper price.

Another alternative is to buy the museum tickets in bundles of two or three. For another free attraction, catch the street art on the facade of the building along the narrow alleys.

Where to Stay

Weekend Getaway in Melaka on a Budget

Save your money on tour guides or packaged tours because Malacca is so easy to explore. The tourism office right smack in the heart of the city also offers free maps for tourists- make sure you grab a copy!

4) Perhentian Islands: Deep dive into marine adventures

These gems of the South China Sea are situated in Kuala Terengganu. Perhentian Islands consist of 2 islands – the smaller and livelier Kecil Island full of backpackers and beach parties, and the larger and secluded Besar Island with resorts and a calming vibe. Besides excellent resorts, Kecil has many inns, guest houses and budget accommodations, but you have to book in advance.

Both the islands provide brilliant underwater experience with great visibility. The scuba diving, snorkelling, paddle boarding and kayaking scenes are some of the best you can find in the country. A great way of saving money would be to book packages that include a stay, diving, food and ferry.


Where to Stay in Melaka on a Budget

During off-peak season, you can stay at big resorts at almost half the peak-season price. So plan your trip well!

5) Sabah: Explore the shores of Karambunai Beach

 Nexus Resort & Spa Karambunai

A trip to Sabah feels no short of a fairy tale. It feels like a gateway to paradise with tons of beautiful landscape you can never get bored of. While there are many posh resorts, gorgeous properties and spa spaces to engage in, it’s definitely doable to go holiday in Sabah on a budget. All you need to do is stay away from resorts with private beaches or private bays and travel off-season in the cheapest domestic carriers.

If you feel like going off the beaten path in Sabah, take a detour to Karambunai Beachside. This shore offers a spectacular view of Eastern Sabah, showcases the rich wildlife and provides a river cruise service too. Book a chalet on the sand like Nexus Resort & Spa Karambunai, eat in local stalls and enjoy a wholesome vacation at lesser prices.


Travel in the off season and avoid resorts with private beaches.


The terrain of Malaysia is very rich and diverse, entailing variations of land and sea with the lushest green and blue hues. It’s never difficult to go on a budget trip to cities across Malaysia by skipping the luxurious hotels and fancy restaurant meals. Who says holidays must be expensive? Time to explore Malaysia without breaking the bank!