Whenever the locals mention about Klang, you’ll probably hear them talk about how crowded and overly-populated the town with an unpleasant pollution index. It isn’t a surprise — Klang has been a major trading port of Malaysia since the past 200 years. But being a port city also means it has a population made up of a mix of races and religions. Consequently, Klang is a little bit of a haven when it comes to cultural heritage and authentic local food.

So if you happen to find yourself travelling through Klang, don’t be so sure there isn’t anything worth enjoying. I visited Klang with my family and ended spending a bit more time exploring as we uncovered more and more interesting nooks and crannies.  Here are some places to visit in Klang and where to go for some Malaysian makan.


Pulau Ketam, Port Klang

Pulau Ketam is an island located 30-minutes by boat from the Port Klang jetty. It isn’t any kind of beach or swimming heaven, but the local life of this island is something beyond typical vacation trip. Inhabited mostly by a Chinese majority, Pulau Ketam is an opportunity to discover the authentic Malaysian fisherman’s village life.

Our trip here was meant to be a short day trip, but my family and I ended up booking a guesthouse for an overnight stay.


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For an easier exploration throughout the island, rent a bike to observe around the temple in this very small island. We got bikes for the whole family, cycled through the wet market, alleys and unique houses, passed by the fisherman’s boats port, the Buddhist temple and the local shop life.

pulau-ketam klang-pulau-ketam

Not forgetting, you should also try their fresh and cheap seafood in any stall around Pulau Ketam. Well, that’s the perk of being a fisherman’s village!

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Royal Klang Heritage Area

Tourism Selangor recently organized a free tour guide for visitors in Klang recurring every weekend at 9.00 a.m. On this tour, we managed to see the other side of Klang we never knew.


There were plenty historical and old heritage buildings of significance to the three primary races and religion of Malaysia. The 2.5-hour walk covered most landmarks in Klang — Klang Railway Station, Royal Gallery Sultan Abdul Aziz, Old Chartered Bank Building (now converted into saree shop), Sri Nagara Thendayuthapani Temple, Sultan Suleiman Royal Mosque, Kuan Yin Temple, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Raja Abdullah Warehouse and Alam Shah Palace.

Always remember to bring shades or umbrella as Malaysia’s heat will hit you hard in Klang!


Little India in Klang

We had some free time to ourselves during the day tour, and we spent it exploring Little India in Klang. This place is the heaven for shopaholics especially those who are looking for sarees. You can get a saree for yourself but it’s also a great souvenir to bring back!

We also found lots of accessories, jewelry as well as Hindu arts along the rows of shops. Tucked between these shops were some hipster cafés which serve delicious coffee for a pick-me-up as you explore Klang.

klang-little-india-shops klang-little-india-sarees


Food in Klang


Chong Kok Kopitiam for Breakfast in Klang

Located in front of Klang Railway Station, Chong Kok Kopitiam has always been my family’s favourite breakfast spot. It is not uncommon to see this kopitiam swarmed by customers from early morning till evening.


The best thing to eat here is their roti bakar, half-boiled eggs, and nasi lemak served with your favourite kopi with a distinct blend. What sets this kopitiam apart from the regular ones is the traditional charcoal stove they use to toast the bread and to cook their dishes! Nice and traditional — and tasty!


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Nasi Kandar Tepi Sungai, Klang River

How about lunch? Nasi Kandar Tepi Sungai is another to-go place for my family to enjoy a meal whenever we visit Klang. Located along the Klang River (opposite the center of the Klang Heritage area), this place offers an alfresco dining experience with an excellent view of Royal Klang Mosque across the river.


The famous dish that attracts the long queue every day is their Curry Fish Head. I say it’s the best you can get in Klang. So don’t miss it!

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Bamboo Biryani “Taste and See”, Taman Sri Andalas


I never heard about biryani rice cooked in a bamboo, until my family decided to check this place out. It was quite a distance from Klang Centre, but after trying this food in Klang, I would not mind spending the time and energy to go there again. Worth it!

There are a few options for the biryani: chicken, fish, and mutton — each type of meat is seasoned with different recipes of spice paste. Steaming the rice and meat in the bamboo does make a difference to the biryani as the rice soaks all the spices and meat juice during the cooking process. Definitely worth a return visit!


AEON Bukit Tinggi, Klang

Shopping in Klang

After the heavy lunch, we headed to Jusco Bukit Tinggi, which was also known as AEON Mall. It is one of the largest shopping centres in Klang with lots of food outlets, apparel retail stores, cinema and more.


At first, my family and I just wanted to chill after the meal, and we needed a cooling place especially in the hot weather. But in the end we were sucked in by the displays and ended up doing a spot of shopping! We got some nice new baju and bags. They did offer a lot of variety!

Need a Place to Stay in Klang?

For those of you who want to spend a few days in Klang, Premiere Hotel is one good choice. It is strategically located in the center of Klang, and it offers a few dining options as well.