Ao Nang BeachAo Nang Beach

Krabi has always been on my must-visit destinations list – not only is it just a short flight from Malaysia, it has also got a good mix of attractions, which makes it the perfect reprieve from the busy city in which I live.

Krabi comprises eight districts – my top two picks are Ao Nang for its white sandy beaches and the laidback Krabi Town for its vantage points of the surrounding sea. Note that Krabi Town is slightly cheaper, and Ao Nang tends to be more crowded as it’s more popular with beach-hungry tourists.


Krabi’s Islands

When booking your Krabi holiday, consider sparing a day or two for an expedition out to one of the neighbouring islands. I love Ko Phi Phi’s stunning natural beauty and buzzing nightlife, while Ko Lanta is great for a lazy day on the beach. Remember – when in Krabi, there is no such thing as too much beach.

My favourite time to go to Krabi is any time from January to March, when weather conditions are ideal. The sun is out and ferries can easily make their way to and from the various islands over calm waters. This is considered tourist season – when other tourists flock over to enjoy Krabi’s beckoning islands of sun-soaked fun. It can feel a bit crowded, but the atmosphere is lively and most businesses are open and welcoming.


Krabi Hotels: Luxury Villas To Family-friendly Beach Resorts

Rayavadee LocationPhoto Credit: Rayavadee Krabi

When a destination’s appeal mainly revolves around beaches and the outdoors, the result is a lot of resorts to choose from. So it’s unsurprising that when it comes to Krabi island, your choice of hotels extends to lots of amazing beach resorts right on the sand.

In my opinion, if you’re a single traveller, it’s worth spending a bit more on a Krabi beach resort that offers those additional luxuries you can enjoy without travelling too far away (spa treatments, good dining options, gorgeous views) – so that if you feel like some ‘me’ time, you can relax comfortably in the confines of your chosen resort.

For my next getaway, I’m eyeing the Anantara Si Kao Resort and Spa – a stunning resort (complete with its own private beach), located on Si Kao (about an hour from Krabi International Airport).


Anantara Si Kao Resort and Spa

Romantic Getaway in Krabi: If you’re with that special someone, there are plenty of romantic accommodation options that offer that privacy. Rayavadee, in Ao Nang, is secluded enough that you need a boat transfer to get there. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll be greeted by beautiful beach-side views and a bevy of well-trained staff members ready to cater to your needs.

Family Friendly Krabi Hotels: If you’re travelling in a group or with the family, there are family friendly hotels in Krabi that the kids will love too. One of the most popular hotels is the Aonang Cliff beach resort, a fairly affordable luxury resort that has lots of amenities to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Backpacking in Krabi: For budget travellers and backpackers – there are countless guest houses and hostels that offer cheaper accommodation, minus the frills. If you’re young and active, you’re probably going to spend most of your time in Krabi outside exploring so a cheap backpackers hostel in Krabi is a good option just to rest your head for the night.


The Cliff Ao Nang


Things to do in Krabi, Thailand

Tiger Cave Temple

There’s one thing I believe everyone should do at least once in Krabi Town and that is to make the climb up to the top of the famous Tiger Cave Temple. I call it a pilgrimage to nature’s amazing beauty – the stunning 360-degree views of the sea from the top are nothing short of heavenly.

Tiger Cave StairsStairs up Tiger Cave



Aside from that, I’d do nothing more than eat, sleep, indulge in as many massages as I can afford. Go for all the relaxing options. Soak in hot spring waters, and wander around the night markets. A day or two is sufficient to get into a properly relaxed mood – perfect to set the tone for the rest of your trip.

Scuba Diving in Ao Nang

Ao Nang is great for scuba diving enthusiasts like me. Local dive operators will be familiar with famed spots for marine life and interesting coral sightings (Shark Point and the King Cruiser Wreck site being among the more popular options), so don’t be afraid to request them if you’re planning on an underwater jaunt.

Kayaking in Krabi

My favourite Krabi activity is kayaking and in Ao Nang you’ll have both white water and sea kayaking adventures to go on. You could even go on a guided kayak tour to explore sea caves – something worth experiencing at least once, in my opinion. For those who prefer to stay onshore, you might be interested in climbing the natural limestone formations, which make for interesting terrain to scale.


Take It Slow and Easy

At the end of the day, Krabi is just one of those places that you go to when you need a break – from work, stress of city living or just from life as you know it.

It’s a place where ‘fast-paced’ just doesn’t exist and where the biggest decision you’ll probably have to make is, ‘when should I have my next meal?’ Here’s hoping you enjoy Krabi as much as I do each time I go back. Happy Travels!


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