Ladies and gentlemen, you’re currently looking at the cutest and sweetest jet I have ever seen. I still remember when EVA Air first launched their very first Hello Kitty Jet a few years back I got really excited and I told myself I need to get on this plane at least once. Hello Kitty Plane

Back when it was just launched, EVA Air Hello Kitty jet only travels from Taiwan to Japan and I was a student so I couldn’t afford to travel to Japan, don’t even mention traveling from KL to Taiwan then to Japan. My dream to get on the Hello Kitty was forced to be put on hold…   If you have been following me you should know that I’m a super fan of Hello Kitty and I finally visited Sanrio Puroland a.k.a Hello Kitty’s home last year. After visiting Puroland, I told myself my next dream is to get on the Hello Kitty jet that has been sitting in my To-Do-List since forever. Ms Bobo in Sanrio Puroland, Hello Kitty's Home


Singapore to Taiwan with Hello Kitty

Who says dreams don’tcome true? Mine just did! EVA Air finally decided to bring in a permanent Hello Kitty flight from Singapore to Taiwan and it launched on 21st June 2015! Hello Kitty flies from Singapore to Taiwan   They named it “Shining Star” an exclusive theme just for Singapore on EVA Air’s new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft (Flight No. BR0216 & BR0215). The most exciting thing about “Shining Star” is that Little Twin Stars Kiki and Lala joins Hello Kitty and Melody on the delightful trip, making the flight even more fun! Guess what! Expedia Asia is sending me to Taiwan in my dream Hello Kitty Jet! Thanks Expedia for ticking off my To-Do-List. Expedia sends Ms Bobo to Taiwan with Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Travels

The moment I reached the EVA Air check in counter, Hello Kitty greeted me with tons of cute bows on screen hahaha. hello-kitty-check-in hello-kitty-luggage-tag

The luggage tag also super cute! I’m so keeping the ticket and luggage tag as a souvenir. As a huge Hello Kitty fan, it’s a must to have Hello Kitty merchandise with me all the time. Hello Kitty all the way from my folder to my passport holder then now air ticket!

Elite Class on Hello Kitty Jet

Elite (Premium Economy) Class seat is so spacious with lots of leg room and the seat is bigger than Economy! There are only 7 rows in Elite Class so it’s quiet and not too crowded. Eva Air Seats hello-kitty-plane-screens

Do you know what I did the moment I boarded the flight? I rushed to the toilet and took pictures of the toiletries! The toilet smells so good and clean! They provide hand lotion, body mist, hand soap and etc in very cute packaging! I’m such a sucker for cute packaging. hello-kitty-toiletries-flight

Well known Hello Kitty tissue paper! Well at least to me, hahaha.

Hello Kitty toilet paper

Cute Hello Kitty paper cup!

Hello Kitty paper cup

Inflight: Hello Kitty Cuteness Everywhere!

After I was done taking pictures in the toilet, I went back to my seat and enjoyed every little moment the EVA Air Hello Kitty jet can offer. It definitely brings back a lot of memories from my time in Puroland!


Airsickness bag and safety instruction booklet are super cute too! I personally think this bag is a souvenir for all the passengers!


The Sanrio characters pillow!


File picture of the air stewardess giving out Hello Kitty snacks and drinks in their pink bow apron! Didn’t get to take picture of the air stewardess cox I don’t want to scare them off hahaha. The day before my flight, I told Jo no matter how I’m buying the apron for sure edi! Unfortunaetly they didn’t have the apron I wanted on board but no worries because you can now preorder the items you wanted online at SkyShop and collect it on board!

You can purchase them online from 15 days up to 24 hours before departure for flights departing from Taoyuan Airport or up to 48 hours for flights departing from KLIA/CHANGI Airport then collect it on board the flight.

Then it’s time for dinner!


The cutest menu I have ever seen!

I had the grilled chicken with mashed potatoes!


Another free souvenir it’s too cute not to bring home!! hello-kitty-plane-cutleries

Hello Kitty and Friends enjoying the view.


Enjoying myself after dinner, in-flight entertainment is the best!

blogger-ms-bobo-expedia-flight flight-to-taiwan-sunset

Saw a beautiful sunset above the clouds, what are the chances?


How to Book Your Own Hello Kitty Trip to Taiwan

If you’re interested to get on the world cutest flight, EVA Air Hello Kitty Shinning Star jet is scheduled every WED, TUE, FRI and SUN at 15:10hrs from Singapore to Taipei and every WED, TUE, FRI and SUN at 09:25hrs from Taipei to Singapore! Hello Kitty flight no is BR216 and 215, make sure you book the correct flight ya! Last but not least, a big thank you to Expedia for flying me in EVA Air Hello Kitty Jet, it was indeed the most memorable and pleasant trip. Book your Hello Kitty journey with “Shining Star” at and stay tuned for my next post on my experiences in Taiwan!