Tip: Before we start, a quick word of warning. All of these trucks are, well, mobile, and while most tend to stick to the same patch, some don’t. Check their Facebook pages or websites before heading out to confirm where they are, if they’re open, and to find out if they’ve already run out of food. Happy hunting!

Bangkok’s Street Food Scene

Thailand’s capital has long been famous for its dizzying array of delicious street food, from spicy som tam to nourishing noodles, all served up fresh from small mobile carts clogging the city’s chaotic sois. However, until the last year or so, you’d have been hard-pressed to find any of these portable kitchens offering dishes that cater to a more western palate. That’s all changed – and fast – with a new wave of mobile food trucks serving up everything from fresh oysters to wood-fired pizzas, as Bangkok’s culinary scene continues to evolve at breakneck speed.

food2The American Wave of Bangkok Street Food


Daniel Thaiger’s Burgers

Get there early (they normally set up around 5.30pm) and grab yourself a Mr Steve, which is a piquant bacon and cheese burger with a special homemade sauce.

If you want to be sure of discovering what all the hype is about, you can always head to NERD at Liberty Plaza (Sukhumvit Soi 55, 02-170-7684). Part of the gaming lounge, Game Over, it also serves up these semi-mythical burgers.

Often found at: Sukhumvit Soi 38, 084-549-0995 Opens: Tues-Sun, 5.30pm https://www.facebook.com/DanielThaiger  


Orn the Road

This being Bangkok, Daniel Thaiger’s success has spawned a host of imitators. One we love is Orn The Road, with its inventive char-broiled burgers. Try the Black ‘n’ Blue, which is a mix of fiery Cajun spices and blue cheese on a black bun. Unfortunately, the little orange truck has had to permanently relocate from Grass Thonglor, but keep an eye on their Facebook page as they plan to reopen soon.

Often found at: Rama 9 and JTC Building, Silom Road, 095-628-0416
Opens: 11am – 7pm


Mother Trucker

Meanwhile, if you’re hankering for a burger and find yourself in Bangkok’s backpacker enclave Khao San, drop by the brashly titled Mother Trucker. This black truck, usually parked up on Thanon Kraisi (a few streets north of Khao San), keeps things simple with a choice of a 150 gram pork or beef patty, served with your pick of Aussie cheese, bacon or arugula.



Full Moon Food Truck

If you fancy something other than a burger, Full Moon Food Truck at Onnyut Food Market serves up artery-clogging delights such as cheesesteaks, mac and cheese, cheese fries and more, aside from their mean cheesesteak burger that is. They’re the creation of a couple of guys from New York, so you can expect some authentic East Coast fare here.

Often found at JJ Green, 096-080-6944
Opens: Thurs-Sun, 5pm – 1130pm


Hip Hot Dogs and Burgers

Another of Bangkok’s street food trucks offering classic American treats is Hip Hot Dogs and Burgers. It  has recently relocated to Thaniya Plaza on Silom Road. The affordable hot dogs are made with a home-made pork sausage and a host of toppings, such as onion, ketchup and their signature chilli sauce, while the burgers are available with a pork or beef patty.

Often found at: Thaniya Plaza

Foodstop Bangkok Food Truck

For something a little different, head to Foodstop, which offers a Scandinavian take on the hot dog. This stands out as Scandinavian flavours definitely depart from the usual flavours of Bangkok street food. It was set up by famous local food blogger Duangkamol Vephula Waagensen of Prae’s Kitchen. It’s the only place in town we know of that offers Danish hot dogs, which are long, boiled red sausages served with mustard, ketchup, onions and remoulade sauce.

They also do a curry dog for those who want a bit more spice and a French dog in a crusty baguette. The bright yellow truck is normally found outside J Avenue on Thonglor.

A photo posted by FoodStop (@foodstopth) on

Often found at: Thonglor 15

Opens: 11am – 7pm



Flavours of the World on Wheels in Bangkok


Of course, there’s more to fast food than American fare – a case argued very convincingly by the delicious offerings of Banh Mi Boy. This Vietnamese food truck is first on our list of exciting new flavours coming to life on the streets of Bangkok.

Banh Mi Roy – Vietnamese Street Food Truck

Run by the lovely couple Richie and Bo, they specialise in banh mi, the classic Vietnamese sandwich. There’s a mouth-watering choice of crispy roast pork, nem nuong (Vietnamese grilled pork), sardines, grilled lemongrass pork, and, our personal favourite, barbecue pork.

However, the real stars are the crusty French baguettes, which are freshly cooked every day by the Vietnamese owner whose family run a bakery in Australia. Look for the brightly coloured truck on Sukhumvit 47. Just remember that these guys are day people and tend to only sell their moreish sandwiches between 11am and 3pm.

Often found at: Sukhumvit 47
Opens: 11am


Summer Street Food Truck

Another truck offering something a little different is Summer Street. Situated in the super cool hood of Aree, it has taken things distinctly upmarket with its charming, retro-look silver trailer and seafood menu. Seafood is not that common either when it comes to street food in Bangkok so this is well worth checking out. The chic look of the truck is also a hipster’s dream and quite different from the other funky trucks.

You can opt for one of the seafood platters, featuring mussels and cockles on ice, or plump for some huge grilled river prawns and squid.

A photo posted by AMm Nattakan (@amm_ntk) on

Often found at: Aree Soi 2

Opens: Daily, 1pm – 11pm


Pizza Massila – Italy Meets Bangkok Street Food

For more refined fare, head to one of the latest additions to the city’s exploding food truck scene. Pizza Massila is the brainchild of Italian chef Luca Appino of La Bottega and restaurateur Frederic Meyer of the Issaya Siamese Club and Namsaah Bottling Trust. It’s an homage to the world’s first mobile pizza truck, which, if you’re interested, was in Marseille in 1962, and boasts some serious culinary clout.

Using only artisan products from Italy and France, the truck houses a real wood-fired pizza oven and serves up serious pieces of pie, with flavours such as burrata and culatello, truffle mortadella and ratatouille.

With its neon signage and current location under the 100-year-old trees in MK Gold’s car park on Soi Sala Daeng, it evokes a real La Dolce Vita atmosphere. It’s already a massive hit with the locals who wait up to 40 minutes for a table. Of course, you could just grab a pizza to go.

Often found at: MK Gold, Soi Sala Daeng
Opens: Tues-Sun, 1130am – 230pm; 530am – 10pm.