Move over Bangkok. Bandung in Indonesia has climbed the ranks to become one of the most popular shopping destinations in Southeast Asia. Here’s where to shop for the best bargains and make the most of your Bandung shopping trip.

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About Bandung, Indonesia

The city of Bandung is home to Indonesia’s textile factories, which has given rise to a rich and varied array of factory outlets. The factory outlets are generally spread out over four main areas: Jalan Dr. Setiabudi, Jalan LL RE Martadinata (formerly known as Jalan Riau), Dago District and Jalan Cihampelas.

One visit is all you need to understand why so many people – particularly groups of women from Jakarta, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei – are willing to make the plane trip for a focused shopping trip to Bandung.

Unlike Bangkok, which appeals more to a younger demographic, Bandung has something for everyone, regardless of age.

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1) Rumah Mode Factory Outlet

Address: Jalan Dr. Setiabudi No. 41

First things first, the “Mode” here is actually pronounced “mo-day”, not “mod”. But if you get it wrong, someone will correct you soon enough, because Rumah Mode Factory Outlet is probably Bandung’s most famous factory outlet, offering brands ranging from Zara to Burberry.

Touted by some as the ultimate shopping experience, this sprawling shopper’s haven is beautifully maintained, with its own private parking area. Not surprisingly, it gets more than its fair share of shoppers on the hunt for the latest fashion trends at bargain prices. So if you’re planning to visit on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, expect plenty of traffic, crowds of shoppers and long, long lines for the fitting rooms. In fact, if at all possible, avoid weekends altogether.


2) For Men Factory Outlet

Address: Jalan LL RE Martadinata No. 36

This is worth a mention simply because it is the only factory outlet in Bandung that is entirely dedicated to men’s fashion. While not as expansive as the other major factory outlets, which are mostly dominated by women’s clothes, For Men Factory Outlet still has a great selection of menswear at cheap prices nonetheless, and is worth checking out. Wives and girlfriends: take note.


3) The Secret Factory Outlet

Secret Factory Outlet Bandung amrufm

Address: Jalan LL RE Martadinata No. 47

Another very popular option among shoppers, The Secret Factory Outlet boasts a nice selection of good brands, and there’s a kids section too.

Even better, there’s free Wi-Fi for those who need a break from shopping, and a relaxing courtyard where you can sit down and catch your breath. If you have your family with you, this might be a good choice.


4) Heritage Factory Outlet

Address: Jalan LL RE Martadinata No. 63

Once upon a time, before it became synonymous with textile factories and outlet shopping, Bandung was actually famous for its beautiful colonial architecture. The aptly named Heritage Factory Outlet, housed in a beautiful colonial building is a highlight on this street. It comes highly recommended so do squeeze in a visit if you can.

5) Grande Fashion Gallery Factory Outlet

Address: Jalan Ir. H. Juanda

Usually the top choice of those visiting the Dago District, Grande Fashion Gallery Factory Outlet has the added plus of stocking both men’s and women’s fashion from a decent array of brands, including Hugo Boss, Versace, DKNY, Armani, Timberland, Nike and Old Navy, to name a few. Just be aware that most of the items from ‘designer brands’ are imitation goods, so shop with caution if that’s not what you’re after.

Also, as should be the case with all factory outlet shopping, check your selected items carefully. The last thing you want is to discover a damaged hem, missing button or tear in the fabric when you get home.

6) Jalan Cihampelas

Cihampelas-Walk Mall on Cihampelas Walk / Bandung Tourism

More famous for the over-sized superheroes ‘jumping out’ from the signboards along the street than the quality of its wares, Jalan Cihampelas is more novelty than good factory outlet shopping. Visit only if you have the time, or if you want really cheap clothing.


Bandung Shopping Overall

Factory outlet shopping in Bandung is not for the fainthearted, and just a couple of hours will not suffice. In fact, most people find themselves spending anything from four hours to an entire day going from one factory outlet to another! So give yourself plenty of time.

Food stalls and eateries are aplenty for when you get hungry, and if you run out of cash, don’t worry, credit cards are widely accepted. Bandung weather is also lovely and cool, which makes the shopping experience all the more worthwhile.

Finding accommodation in Bandung is also easy with a good range of affordably-priced hotels.

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