Kids these days are spoilt for choice when it comes to fun holiday destinations. From world-famous franchises like Disneyland, Universal Studios, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to nearer attractions like Adventure Cove Waterpark in Singapore and Legoland in Malaysia, there’s something for every starry-eyed boy and girl.

For the ultra-popular sites you’ve probably already heard of, here are the best locations in the world to visit:

  • Disneyland: *Florida, Tokyo, Hong Kong
  • Universal Studios: *Florida, *California, Tokyo, Singapore
  • Warner Bros’ Studio: *London, California
  • Legoland: *Denmark, Malaysia

Singapore Zoo


Photo Credit: @riinns


Not only is the Singapore Zoo hailed as the second-best zoo in the world, it also contains more than 2,800 animals and 300 different species! Get up close and personal with an astounding variety of flora and fauna from all over the globe. Komodo dragons, kangaroos, sea lions, and, of course, the iconic orang utans are all out to play.

Your kids will definitely have a wild time at the Kidzranger Tour, which gives them the cool opportunity to role play as zookeepers and feed rabbits and Falabella horses. More fun activities can be explored at Rainforest Kidzworld, where your kids can ride ponies, interact with goats, and splash around in a water playground.

Eureka! The National Children’s Museum

CC by 3.0 / Sospot


As a parent, you’d probably agree that there’s nothing better for your kids than something that could be both fun and educational at the same time. Nestled in Halifax, England, Eureka! is an interactive children’s museum with a whole host (a total of 400, in fact) of hands-on activities to match its vibrant and colourful exterior. The museum has six different zones, creatively covering various topics like the human body, stop motion animation, and desert landscapes through spectacular visual displays. My personal favourite was the Spark Gallery; with glow-in-the-dark lights and the opportunity to build your own robot, there’s no way your kids will get bored.

Jelly Belly Candy Factory Tour

CC by 2.0 / FolsomNatural


Jelly beans have always been an iconic childhood classic – it’s the prize for good behaviour, a temptation to avoid, or simply a sweet treat for kids to enjoy. For free, you can take your child behind the scenes into the wonderful world of jelly bean production. The Jelly Belly Factory Tour in Fairfield, California, not only gives out free samples, but also features interactive exhibits and games to spice up your journey during the tour. If you’re willing to pay a bit more, feel free to schedule a guided tour for a more structured but no less mouth-watering experience.

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

CC by-SA 2.0 / Martin Lewison


While the Singapore Zoo might introduce your kids to a wide variety of critters, you’ll need to explore elsewhere to give them a truly immersive underwater experience. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, which is situated in Zhuhai, China, features one of the world’s largest aquariums. Your children will definitely be impressed by the beluga whale performances at the Beluga Theatre. Meanwhile, the extremely rare whale shark, adorable penguins, and even polar bears, can be found in this park. The biggest highlight, of course, is Chimelong’s massive aquarium, which your kids can spend hours gazing at before ending the day with a spectacular firework show.

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a little boy who doesn’t have some kind of fascination with cars, especially flashy sports cars. If your kids happen to be car fanatics, then Ferrari World on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, will be the perfect wonderland for them. This amusement park features a Junior Grand Prix, a racing school for kids. In this feature, children will first watch an educational film before having the opportunity to drive a scaled-down version of the iconic Ferrari F1 racer. Don’t worry about safety – on-site experts will be at hand to guide your kids through every step of this exciting journey. The park also offers roller-coasters and a chance for junior drivers to compete in the thrilling Karting Academy.

Siam Park

Photo Credit: @deboerit


TripAdvisor recently named Siam Park in Tenerife Island, Spain, the best water theme park in the world, and with good reason. The lush tropical paradise features a multitude of family activities, including kid-friendly water slides at Sawasdee and an opportunity to glide on the Jungle Snake – a mobile film of water – to marvel at the gorgeous jungle sights. My family and I especially loved the Wave Palace, which showcases the largest artificial waves in the world! Feel the exhilarating waves crash over you as you leap into the cool and welcoming water. If your kids are adventurous and full of energy, you might as well call this place paradise.

Attractions for kids are not always about enchanting theme parks and thrilling rides. These attractions, for instance, offer a different hands-on experience that even adults can enjoy. From zoos and aquariums to museums and factories, there are still plenty of kids attractions that your kids are yet to discover. So get ready for the next vacation with your little ones!