Let’s face it – everyone travels for a million different reasons. Some travel for the food, some enjoy the cultural shock, some merely follow where the herds go. And some people travel for the gram. Whether your Instagram feed is hungry for a fresh dose of colours or simply another dozen Monochromatic snaps, the charming town of Marrakech has all the Insta-worthy spots you ever dream of.

Beautiful Instagrammable Places in Marrakech

1) Menara Gardens

Credit: Theodore Salim

The pastel yellow gate at Menara Gardens distinctively reminds us of the millennial pink Grand Budapest Hotel, the masterpiece of Wes Anderson. Head there during winter, and you’ll get rewarded with the view of the Atlas Mountains stretching in the background. Looking for something different? Head there at night to get a more mysterious vibe of the garden.

Visitor Info

Address: Marrakech Les Jardin De La Menara، 40000

Opening hours: Daily, 8 am – 5 pm

How to get there: From Jemaa El Fna, head to La Mamounia Hotel and follow the road out of the medina. Walk past the roundabout and the Menara Gardens are at the end of the road.


2) Ben Youssef Madrasa

Credit: Theodore Salim

The oldest Islamic school in Morocco is probably the most photogenic school you wish you studied at. The colourful Moroccan tiles and intricate Arabic inscriptions on the walls will get your friends gaping in envy. Some OOTD advice? Wear something bold to channel the attraction’s Bohemian vibe!


Visitor Info

Address: Rue Assouel, Marrakech 40000

Opening hours: Daily, 9 am – 5 pm (Currently closed for renovation)

How to get there: 10-minute walk away from Jemaa El Fna. Head to the northern medina and follow the signs.


3) Museum Dar Si Said


If you are the type of traveller who tends to veer away from museums, the Museum Dar Si Said is not one to skip. Also known as the Museum of Moroccan Arts, this architectural marvel was once a palace, and thus its grand structure, lavish patios and vast courtyard. If Si Said had an Instagram account in the past, he would probably have garnered tons of followers thanks to his Insta-worthy palace.

Credit: Theodore Salim

Visitor Info

Address: 8 Rue de la Bahia, Marrakesh 40000

Opening hours: Monday & Wednesday – Saturday, 9 am – 3 pm | Sunday, 9 am – 5 pm | Closed on Tuesdays.

How to get there: From Jemaa El Fna, walk along Rue Riad Zitoun El Jdid and follow the signposts.

4) Koutoubia Mosque

Credit: Theodore Salim

While only Muslim travellers can enter the mosque, you influencer-wannabes can still capture the unobstructed beauty of Koutoubia Mosque from the garden located southwest of the mosque.


To the north of the minaret, you can find the remains of the foundations of Ksar el-Hajar that the Almoravids laid on the same site, only to be destroyed by the Almohads. The mosque had to be rebuilt in the mid-12th century as they discovered that it was not properly aligned with Mekka. That said, all is well now — the Koutoubia Mosque minaret remains an iconic architecture of Marrakech.

Visitor Info

Address: Medina Jemaa El Fna, 40000

Opening hours: Daily, at salah (Muslim prayer times).

How to get there: From Jemaa El Fna, it’s only a few metres away. 

5) Bahia Palace


While only a fraction of the 2-acre compound is open to the public, there are still plenty of spots to snap some Insta-worthy shots. While most tourists head straight to the palace to see the beautiful apartments that once belonged to Bou Ahmed’s four wives, you should take the chance to enjoy the garden instead. The traditional garden is heavily decorated with colourful zellige tiles, making a good photo spot.

Visitor Info

Address: Avenue Imam El Ghazali, Marrakech 40000

Opening hours: Daily, 9 am – 5 pm

How to get there: From Jemaa El Fna, walk along Rue Riad Zitoun El Jdid and follow the signposts. 

6) El Badi Palace


Also known as El Badia, El Badi Palace means “Palace of the Incomparable”. Though the palace’s grandeur has been stripped off, you can still see some remains of its glorious days. The massive courtyard and gigantic sandstone walls will make you feel so tiny — it is indeed incomparable to our size and imagination!



Visitor Info

Address: Ksibat Nhass, Marrakech 40000

Opening hours: Daily, 9 am – 5 pm

How to get there: From Jemaa El Fna, walk along Rue Riad Zitoun el Kdim and follow the signposts to the south end of the square.

7) Marrakech Medina Gates


If you are to judge a city by its entrance, Marrakech wins hands down. There are 19 historical gates to enter Marrakech medina, but the most iconic one is probably Bab Agnaou, giving you quick access to the south of the medina. If the elaborate carvings on the mega wall are not enough for your picture perfect background, walk into the medina and get lost in the labyrinth of red sandstone alleys.


Visitor Info

Address: Rue Oqba Ben Nafaa, Marrakech 40000

Opening hours: Daily, 24 hours

How to get there: From Jemaa El Fna, head to Passage Prince Moulay Rachid and turn to Rue Bab Agnaou before heading to Rue Oqba Ben Nafaa.

Beautiful Insta-Worthy Hotels in Marrakech

You can’t say you have been to Morocco if you did not stay in one of the riads. Essentially a Moroccan house (and sometimes palace!) with an interior courtyard, a riad typically houses not more than ten rooms — each is individually designed.

Riad Yasmine

@tia.hollings and @benhollings

Wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread and Moroccan jams on the roof terrace. Once you are filled, get in your bikini and lounge on the sunbeds around the pool. Besides the ever-so-popular swimming pool in the courtyard, the rooftop solarium is another Insta-worthy spot that you shouldn’t miss.

Visitor Info

Address: 209 Rue Ank Jemel Bab Taghzout, Marrakech 40000

How to get there: From Ben Youssef Madrasa, walk along Rue Assouel, turn left to Rue Diour Saboun and turn left again to Derb Bennacer.

Riad Les Yeux Bleus

From the sleek dining room to the fire-lit library, Riad Les Yeux Bleus is cosy with a laid-back yet romantic ambience. The 8-room riad is painted in bold colours except for the courtyard that is beaming in soft colours. Either way, the many seating nooks give you some excuses to fill your camera with another hundred photos of yourself.

Visitor Info

Address: 7 Derb Elferran Bab Doukkala, Marrakech 40000

How to get there: A 5-minute walk from the Koutoubia Mosque.

La Mamounia


Staying in La Mamounia is possibly the holy grail for many travellers in Marrakech. The luxurious boutique hotel has more than 200 rooms, not including a few 3-bedroom riads with private terraces and swimming pools. If you are not ready to splurge here, consider getting a day pass to the most iconic sites of La Mamounia: the pool, the spa and the garden. Well, we all can understand if you need to feel like a royal family member once in a while.

Visitor Info

Address: Avenue Bab Jdid, Marrakech 40040

How to get there: From Jemaa El Fna, walk along Rue Moulay Ismail and turn to Rue Ibn Khaldoun.

Marrakech makes for an amazing travel-for-the-gram destination for travellers with different budgets. Of course, Marrakech is not only about the colourful tiles, the well-designed courtyards and cosy riads. The bustling souks and friendly people have their unique charms — in case you need a break from your camera. But until then, step up your photography game with the most Instagrammable places in Marrakech!