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Don’t play a Pho in Hanoi


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Must Eat Hanoi Food #1: Vietnamese Pho

Served with beef or chicken, Pho is a delicious signature Vietnamese noodle soup. It is probably the most popular street food in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Pho noodles

There are different styles, including a sweet version or the light and herbal. Spice comes on the side. That is, you add your own chilli. The heart of this dish is in the broth. Go for Pho with brownish broths rather than clear — it’s a sign that they’ve boiled the beef bones for a long time for a delicious flavour.

The Best Pho in Hanoi:

It’s a 3-way tie for us between these restaurants: Pho Gia TruyenPho 24 (chain) and Pho Thin.

Pho Gia Truyen is located in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, with a humble setting. Pho 24 is a chain specialising in Vietnamese Pho Noodle with outlets across the country. If you need an escape from the crowds, Pho24 is a clean and comfortable place to enjoy some pho. The original stall is located opposite Saigon Sheraton Hotel. The third winning option for delicious pho is Pho Thin. Pho Thin is a very cheap restaurant frequented by locals serving up an authentic bowl of Vietnamese Pho. Quick service and tasty broth.

Pho Gia Truyen
49 Bat Dan
Old Quarter
Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: (08-4) 043800126

Pho 24
Vincom – 191 Ba Trieu St.
Hai Ba Trung District
Ha Noi, Vietnam
Tel: (08-4) 2222 5203

Pho Thin
13 Lo Duc Street
Hai Ba Trung District
Ha Noi, Vietnam
Tel: 438212709


Must Eat Vietnamese Food in Hanoi #2: Cha Ca La Vong

Vietnamese grilled turmeric fish with dill. It is named after the restaurant that first cooked up the dish.

Slow-marinated freshwater fish is served to you on a small stove. Then lots of ingredients are tossed in right there in front of you in a sizzling pan, till finally everything is ready. Enjoy the fish with a bowl of pho, and stir in some fish sauce and shrimp paste.

Cha ca la vong - Vietnamese food

(Photo CC2.0: Tri Nguyen)

Best Cha Ca La Vong Restaurant in Hanoi:

Cha Ca La Vong Restaurant on 14 Cha Ca Street. It’s a specialized restaurant in the Old Quarter serving just this one dish, slowcooked over charcoal, to a steady queue of customers daily.

You can only typically only find Cha ca la vong in specialized restaurants, serving solely Vietnamese grilled fish and nothing else. Another good restaurant is Cha Ca Thang Long (19 Duong Thanh Street), located in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. It’s more affordable and far less crowded for the same great quality of food.

Cha Ca La Vong Restaurant
14 Chả Cá, Hoan Kiem
Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: 84-4/825-3929

Cha Ca Thang Long Restaurant
21 – 31 Duong Thanh Street,
Old Quarter, Hanoi
Tel: 04 3824 5115/ 04 3828 6007

Vietnamese traditional street food hawker in Hanoi


Famous Hanoi Street Food Market: Cam Chi Street Food Market

Walk down Pho Cam Chi street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter to preview the selection of great local Vietnamese food available, and settle down for a serving of whatever you fancy – a full serving of pho beef noodles or chicken porridge, a little Vietnamese snack of dried beef salad or Banh Cuon rice flour pancakes, or even Trang Tien ice cream for dessert.


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