Loosen your belt and get your ENO ready, for we are about to journey through Asia’s Greatest Food Cities and mark out the treasures the great food gods have laid on the table.


You see, we’re like you. We know that once you’ve got your flights from Malaysia booked to go on holiday, the truly important questions come to mind:

“Makan aper?”

“Where should I have dim sum in Hong Kong? Yang best punya dim sum…”

“Eh bro, that pic you posted of the Chilli Crab you had in Singapore looked damn shiok man. Which restaurant was it?”

Serious questions. We know.

From Penang to Taipei, our guide will fill you in on what’s the very best food in every one of Asia’s Greatest Food Cities. There’s honestly lots and lots of good food around, and part of the fun is uncovering the hidden treasures yourself. Particularly when it comes to street food in Asia.

But to get you started, these are the highlights of the best food to try in each city, as recommended by locals. On our mission we’ll uncover the most famous must-try local dishes and the best restaurants or street stalls to check out. 

Scurry on over and give those stretchy jeans a run for their money. (Heaven knows you shouldn’t be wearing stretchy jeans for any other reason. But for makan, okay lah, give chance)


Top Things to Eat in Asia’s Top Food Cities – The Starter Kit

 Best Food in Bangkok, Thailand

 Best Food in Hanoi, Vietnam

Best Food in Hong Kong

Best Food in Osaka, Japan

Best Food in Penang, Malaysia

Best Food in Seoul, Korea

Best Food in Singapore

Best Food in Taipei, Taiwan        

Travel Asia from Plate to Plate

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