Witnessing something grander than ourselves are magical experiences that make us excited and thankful to be alive. Something grander like standing in awe before the roar of a towering waterfall. The subtle scent of wet moss. The continuous spray of bouncing water droplets. And the eternal tune rushing water hitting the calm of the river. Carve out some adventures for yourself by visiting these 6 majestic waterfalls in Malaysia.

6 Majestic Waterfalls in Malaysia traveller-divider

1) Kota Tinggi Waterfalls

Kota Tinggi Waterfalls CC 2.0 / Nicolas Lannuzel

The tranquility of Kota Tinggi Waterfalls is located 60km from Johor Bahru. It is very popular with Singaporeans. There are two waterfalls that visitors can take a dip in — one that is nearest to the entrance and the other that requires you to take a short hike to reach. At the recreational park, there are also basic bathing facilities for you to change at after your dip in the pool. When you’re hungry after your swim under the waterfall, there’s even a cafe to munch at.

Where to Stay in Kota Tinggi

If you’re planning a visit, stay at the Zen Boutique Hotel that was newly built in 2016.

2) Sungai Tekala: Hidden Gem In Kajang

Sungai Tekala CC 2.0 / Conny Sandland

Since 1982, the Sungai Tekala Recreational Park has been the place for hikers and tranquility seekers. Although its many cascading waterfalls are not extensive, its trails still make for a relaxing hike.

The shallow pools of Sungai Tekala also allow visitors to take a refreshing bath with basic changing facilities available. Sungai Tekala Recreational Park is part of the Selangor State Heritage Park and just 13km from Seminyih.

Where to Stay

To thoroughly experience Sungai Tekala, one can book a room at a nearby resort called Seminyih Eco Venture Resort & Recreation.

3) Kanching Waterfall: Wonder Near The City

Kanching Waterfall CC 2.0/  Phalinn Ooi

Kanching Waterfalls is indeed the epitome of a getaway from the city. Located just 30 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur, city dwellers favour this place due to its proximity as well as the seven levels of waterfalls the Kanching Rainforest offer.

Picnic spots are not hard to find in the area, and it provides the perfect setting for a good weekend with friends and family.

Take photos with the parrots at the park and get to keep the awesome photo folder for you to keep the moment here close to heart!

The park has a height of up to 200m but beware of your personal belongings as there have been reports of thieves lurking at the higher levels of the waterfall park.

4) Mahua Waterfall – Malaysia’s Most Majestic

Mahua Waterfall CC 2.0 /  bob|P-&-S

Mahua Waterfalls in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, has been touted as probably the best waterfall park Malaysia has to offer. Just getting there can be quite an adventure — a 1.5-hour drive from Kota Kinabalu to Tambunan brings you to the Crocker Mountain Range National Park which opens from 8 am – 5 pm daily. After a 500-meter walk from the entrance, you’ll soon find yourself standing in the presence of the majestic 17-meter waterfall which constantly pounds the river beneath it creating mists of spray around it.

The park is ideal for a few hours of family fun, and if you go there during the rainy seasons, temperatures can go as low as 16 degrees!

Where to Stay

If travelling back doesn’t seem like an ideal plan after temperatures dip, you can always book a one night stay at Tambunan Rafflesia Hotel which offers the basic amenities for a good night’s rest.

5) Lubuk Timah Waterfall – Man-made Beauty

Lubuk Timah Waterfall CC 2.0 /  Chongkian

Lubuk Timah Waterfall is unique within this list of Malaysia’s most majestic waterfalls, and that’s because it is man-made! Lubuk Timah used to be a reservoir damn which has since already been silted. Now, what’s left of Lubuk Timah is a steady stream of water creating two waterfalls — one on the left and the other on the right. The centre dam commonly overflows creating a sight to marvel at as water gushes over the longish dam. Do take note that the rocks can be very slippery so do be careful.

Where to Stay

Lubuk Timah is near the west side of Cameron Highlands and is best travelled from Ipoh town.

6) Chilling Waterfalls – Most Beautiful In Selangor

Chilling Waterfalls CC 2.0 / Nicolas

Chilling waterfalls is arguably Selangor‘s best waterfall but to get there requires a little adventurous spirit and that’s because you would need to cross its friendly rivers six times and hike for about an hour. Sounds like a lot to do? But once you finally manage to catch a glimpse of Chilling Waterfall, it’s all worth it especially when it offers a refreshing dip in its crystal clear pool. Chilling Waterfall has two more waterfalls, one of which is inaccessible and the other at the upper level.

Where to Stay

Chilling waterfalls lie in the Rawang area, north of Kuala Lumpur and just 55km away from Genting Highlands so if you don’t fancy the long drive back to the city, take a break at either a hotel in Rawang or even Genting Highlands.


Malaysia is absolutely a haven for adventure seekers and waterfall enthusiasts offering some of the best recreational parks in the region of Southeast Asia. If you put in the effort to do a little hiking, you’ll open up a world of enchanting experiences getting in touch with different flora and fauna, and swimming under the majestic waterfalls of Malaysia that are truly sights to marvel at.

Know of other waterfalls we should include? Tell us in the comments below.